God Of War 4 is Exactly Why Sony Can't Copy Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass

Many would love to see an Xbox Game Pass-style service on PlayStation, but God of War 4 shows why that's unlikely.

lxeasy1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Although I would like to see a Xbox Game Pass like feature on on Play Station I agree with this article. Microsoft has the money to spare and take huge financial risk and at the moment companies like Sony and Nintendo simply don't have that king of money to take huge gambles on their exclusives costing 10$. Microsoft'sCore businesses are Windows, Office, and Azure so they other places to continue making billions from.

majiebeast1979d ago

I mean Sony actually makes games people buy. Microsoft games are like the bad Netflix original shows like Marco Polo,they know nobody outside the hardcore xbox fan will pay 60$ to beta test Sea of no content or Crackdown 3.

JaguarEvolved1979d ago

Intelligence is why Sony can't copy Microsoft Xbox game pass or any of their tactics

Eldyraen1979d ago

I disagreed solely based on your bad taste in tv shows. Marco Polo was a good series. Not my favorite but better than most Netflix series imo (but definitely no strangers or Lost in space either).

xHeavYx1979d ago

Hey! Marco Polo was a great show.

Skull5211979d ago

Because Sony basically makes rental games that you never play after you've beaten them in two sittings? It wouldn't work for Sony because the games have no replay value and people wouldn't stay subscribed to the service.

majiebeast1979d ago

Would you have preferred if i had used Iron Fist instead as an example?

Dirtnapstor1979d ago

Wow, you are correct. I’d rather be playing a forth iteration of the original Gears.

johndoe112111979d ago


Hey, at least we have something good (and new) to play. You guys don't seem to be complaining about all those last gen games you have to keep dusting off and playing due to the lack of anything from microsoft. But hey, at lease they're in 4k right? https://i.imgur.com/NlZhwdf...

indysurfn1979d ago

Tire of hearing people say Microsoft has the money to spend. Last time I checked they dont have the WILLINGNESS to spend. Nintendo and Sony has proven that THAT is what matters.

tontontam01979d ago

"Because Sony basically makes rental games that you never play after you've beaten them in two sittings? It wouldn't work for Sony because the games have no replay value and people wouldn't stay subscribed to the service."

yeah just like other mp games you buy mp and you pay $5 monthly rent forever.

ULTp0ltergeist1979d ago

There are many Netflix originals that are below average, but Marco Polo is a very decent show.

strifeblade1979d ago

@Jaguar evolved

you mean sony was to good to copy achievements?
you mean sony was too good to improve online and charge for psn and suffer the biggest hack in console history?
too intelligent to make a 4k blu ray drive in PS4?
too intelligent to make bc free?
too intelligent to make a box that can touch the one x grahically?

If that is how you define intelligence, you sir should check your intelligence :)

blacktiger1979d ago

Marco Polo is one of the best show, what a bad comparison!!!!

Ceaser98573611979d ago


I will play GOD OF WAR a number of times over SEA OF THIEVES

Chevalier1979d ago


If MS were so intelligent then where are the games?! Last I check its supposed to be a GAME console. If any of the features you suggested mattered then Xbox would be selling better. It not selling is pretty telling. No BC and lack of 4K drive hasn't stopped PS4 and Switch from crushing Xbox. All it took was GAMES. Number 1 feature a system can have? A GAME library with exclusives

NatureOfLogic_1979d ago

When Netflix cancled Marco Polo, I cancled my Netflix account and haven't looked back every since. That's how much I liked Marco Polo.

thisismyaccount1979d ago

I kinda liked Marco Polo's first episode. Are the others really bad?

The Wood1979d ago

Damn John doe. .that was raw battery

Goldby1979d ago


Show me an exclusive on the xbox that can even come close to God of War, Horizon and uncharted.

i dont mind waiting.

The xbox one x has the resolution, but no where near the graphics that sony is producing on their systems which are weaker.

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dirkdady1979d ago

Your quite wrong. You get what you pay for - Microsoft is basically giving away their games because they know they are half baked games with plans to sell dlc down the road.
Your going to see similar theme with crackdown like Sea of thieves

ChrisW1979d ago

Sounds like you're confusing Microsoft with EA...

mandingo1979d ago

Yea maybe but the games like forza halo and gears will be 10 dollars. if you play just two of those, you already got your money worth assuming you had game pass for a year. 120/yr compared to buying two games 120 same thing.

cyber_daemonx1979d ago

@chrisw, ms and ea are so similar its real easy to confuse the two except ms are worse lol.

Cyborgg1979d ago

Doesn't Sony Pictures and music make millions for them

1979d ago
Cyborgg1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Hmm I think Sony has a great future

TKCMuzzer1979d ago

Microsoft are doing the complete opposite to what you think. They are taking the least risks. Taking risks is investing in people and studios, creating a new IP that may take 5 or 6 years to come good.
Why people like yourself think Microsoft just allow money to filter down the drain I don't know. I tell you now MS are not making huge losses at all, the less games they make the more money they make.

tontontam01979d ago

yup minimum production cost even if it flops they are guaranteed to break even because they know their fanboys will buy it and buy ingame items.

cyber_daemonx1979d ago

@TKC, yeah making a console that has nothing to play makes great business sense lol. MS has done nothing but make a massive loss every gen fgs. Thats why there is no xbox division any more as its now part of the windows division and run by the suits. Also have you not noticed how the less games ms makes the less consoles they sell. MS are the most risk averse bandwagon jumping console manufacturer tbh and is why they are currently pretty much irrelevant nowadays lol.

tontontam01979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

lol financial risk? sea of thieves $60 feels like a $10 game. gamepass $10 coincidence?

MarineLineman1979d ago

I seriously doubt it has anything to do with money; it’s more so because Sony has common sense and isn’t interested in selling a 100% corporate-controlled GaaS future to people.

Tazzy1979d ago

Neither Sony and Nintendo have the financials Microsoft has you're right BUT Microsoft isn't having the success that Nintendo and Sony are having from the hardware sales to their games they put out.