Archangel: Hellfire Announced

Gareth writes: "Skydance Interactive unveils Archangel: Hellfire, an off-rails multiplayer VR game coming June 28.

Unleash Massive Mech Mayhem with Substantial Update to the Award-Winning Virtual Reality Game, Archangel; Early Access Begins May 25."

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crazyCoconuts176d ago

Not for PSVR? That's disappointing

Garethvk176d ago

I asked about that and I am waiting for a reply from their P.R. I think it may be coming later.

crazyCoconuts175d ago

That would be awesome! It was a great single player game for sure...

UnholyLight175d ago

Mechs? Offrails? VR? Now just to get it on PSVR and I am SOLD

ArnoDorian175d ago

Not to pry and all but if it's not coming for PSVR, why is there a PSVR tag?