Lost in Time: Whatever Happened To The Creators Of TimeSplitters?

From PlayStation Universe: "When the PlayStation 2 launched in the year 2000, it possessed a launch title that, despite some flaws, stood out as a wonderfully quirky, competent shooter that would go on to spawn a sequel that remains fondly remembered to this day, even if it’s legacy beyond that is one of longing, failure, and disappointment. TimeSplitters is a name that still warms as many hearts as it breaks."

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Sciurus_vulgaris176d ago

Crytek should re-evaluate their opinions of the Timesplitters franchise. There is games want more for Timesplitters, the demand for the series may not be huge but it’s still there. A remastered Timesplitters trilogy for PC and consoles would be a low risk investment, unless Crytek is still heavily struggling financially.

Zanarkand176d ago

You could say that Timesplitters still lays dormant even today. It has been quite a while since the big petition opened online for it as i remember it happening there was a lot of interest then, Crytek weren't sure how many would want this game to continue so they gave a certain community of freelance devs a chance. Now...

If only those guys working on TS Rewind would hurry the fuck up.