PlayStation Plus Price Cut Lands Ahead of PS Plus May 2018 Announcement

From PlayStation Universe: "The PlayStation Plus May 2018 announcement is just a couple of days away. Ahead of the reveal, Sony has issued a new deal for PS Plus subscribers in the UK".


UK Only.

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lxeasy270d ago

This is a promo only in the UK. The title made it seem like it was a permanent cut all over the world.

Sgt_Slaughter270d ago

I've advocated this for website/retail sales in the past. It's annoying to get your hopes up only to click and see it's not your region. Every article that has to do with specific countries sales or program changes should be required to put the abbreviation in parentheses, or just the ones outside the U.S. since this is mainly a U.S. based site.

MeteorPanda270d ago

How can a site that gets content from other sites have a country associated with it? put the country if its not international and dont be a typical self centred american stereotype

Teflon02270d ago

you know, if a site grabs from other sites around the world. Make it known for where that site represents atleast. As in EU, NA, etc. Me as a canadian had everything raise in prices over the past five years and gets really hopeful. It's not being self centered, it's called having specifics. This article made it seem like a general statement...

conanlifts270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

I would argue that a large percentage of people using and visiting n4g are not based in America. This is just an assumption on your part that most people are.

Having said this i do support the notion of mentioning which region things apply to in article headlines.

Eidolon270d ago

Price cut usually means a more lasting price reduction, but this ends on May 5, and then no region mentioned in the headline, I wouldn't even have clicked and read into it.

Kribwalker270d ago (Edited 270d ago )

yeah i’d call it a sale, not a cut unless you said “temporary” before “Price Cut”

Muzikguy270d ago

This website has a habit of doing that

robtion270d ago

Yep. I'm not sure why these obvious click bait titles are approved?

gamer7804270d ago

well thats disappointing, should have lead the title with UK PS Plus Price Cut. PS plus is still more expensive than games for gold in the states, was hoping they'd give us a cut too.

Orionsangel270d ago

The announcement is that we now get to keep Plus games! OMG! lol

Sm3000270d ago

@sd11, what part of the world visits this site you think then? Your comment came as a surprise to me

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