After a little over a week of simply playing crafty create-and-share puzzle-platform/adventure (insert further genres and adjectives here, as needed) construction set LittleBigPlanet, a week of ignoring responsibilities and basic hygiene in favour of trolling through the weird worlds concocted by the thousands of player/creators lucky enough to get in on the pre-release beta, I'd finally got enough inspiration and information to dive in and start making my own little opus.

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Shaka2K63653d ago

Play B3yond only on Sony PS3!

THC CELL3653d ago

little big plant will be 3d by the time ps4 comes out

and then we will see sackboy fps

I see 100% where this game is going
Now if this game goes 3d
there will be tools beyond tools
i cant wait to see a sackboy version of Resistance lol

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