Why Gaming is an Amazingly Budget Friendly Pasttime.

Gaming does indeed have a reputation for being an expensive hobby, but it is actually one of the more budget-friendly forms of media.

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maybelovehate1156d ago

You can even make a living playing games today. but it can also be ridiculously expensive haha

UltraNova1156d ago

" You can even make a living playing games today."

True in a way...since it applies to less than 1% of players out there...

It can be an expensive pass time if you go over board with high end hardware on launch day and/or buy all games at full price. A seasoned gamer will wait when he/she has too for the right time to buy, minimizing cost at all times. Obvious exceptions to the rules are day 1 games like GoW ;-)

MrVux0001155d ago

"Obvious exceptions to the rules are day 1 games like GoW"
Damn right!

FallenAngel19841156d ago

Makes you wonder why Microsoft and Nintendo still have yet to adopt monthly digital flash sales

Pantz1155d ago

Xbox has weekly sales and additional special sales at least once a month. There's generally higher discounts as well.

FallenAngel19841155d ago

Both services have weekly digital discounts, but neither still have no flash sales

Pantz1155d ago

What's so good about it if they don't have as good of savings?

PhoenixUp1156d ago

There’s been many a time when I purchase a game just because it’s cheap at the time

Zeldafan641155d ago

Between the Wii U eshop and the Switch eshop I've bought probably about 4 dozen games that were 50% or more off during a sale.

InKnight7s1155d ago

Not if you are father/mother of children that have Switch/3ds or you are a Nintendo player. Everything relate to Nintendo is dam expensive actually with couple acc. and couple of game with switch price you can really build a really strong PC.

SuperSonic911155d ago


Nintendo capitalize and makes tons of money out of their fan base's blind loyalty.

PUBG1155d ago

It can be budget friendly if you don't blow your mony on dlc and micro-transactions. Not to mention that there are so many games that come out every year, that you really need to pick and choose carefully where to spend your money.

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