Eurogamer Exclusive: Far Cry 2 - Dream it, make it, live it

Eurogamer writes: "We've all seen level creators before, even though they've been less popular of late. Far Cry is stepping it up, however, and its level editing tool has been attracting praise like a free bar does journalists. But just how flexible is it? Well, as this video shows, pretty darn flexible."

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n4gzz3681d ago

they make sound like its much better than LBP level creation. :D

Eurogamer - I just can't trust this site for ps3 games reviews.
I like OXM (even though they don't review ps3 games) much better after IGN (UK).

villevalorox3680d ago

wow this is amazing. but we can not compare lbp to this. is just 2 different game. lbp has the best level creator yes. but this is amazing. i think we are going to be seeing a lot of games with level creators. Dont get me wrong, lbp level creator is top of the line. but this follows behind by little.

kevnb3680d ago

you mean for consoles right? Or maybe easiest to use?

Muddyalcapones3680d ago

maybe we can all agree on LBP = best 2.5D platformer editor and FC2 = best 3D FPS editor? either way im getting both next tuesday! :D

PrimordialSoupBase3680d ago

No stampedes of animals in Multiplayer = fail.

3680d ago
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