GTA: San Andreas Coming to XBOX Originals

GP Reports: "If you are still one of those people that have not played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you might want to pick the game up this coming Monday as Microsoft is releasing San Andreas..."

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Omegasyde3749d ago

I am sure Rockstar did this to appease Microsoft for waiting so damn long for DLC.

Great Game, definably worth the points. Smart move Microsoft since everyone already forgot about GTA4.

Bangladesh3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

Microsoft wouldn't have to pay Rockstar or anyone else to use Live to sell even more copies of an older game. I imagine MS is probably getting a cut of the sales, and Rockstar is tickled pink at the opportunity to make even more money on GTA: SA.

thereapersson3749d ago

Good to see them putting this up on LIVE!

sonarus3749d ago

take two owns the GTA ip and thus inherit the funds...not rockstar

doomsonyman3749d ago

i also think this is better then gta iv sadly:[

AAACE53749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

GTA san andreas was an Xbox original, and is being released like alot of other xbox 1 games are!

Nice try... But your fanboyism will not get you far!

@Dark Witness... That would be a thing of beauty, if they did do that! But I think each game will follow a similar trend. Basically to me, GTA 4 is GTA 3 with a more involved story and more realism! I think we will see the same thing if they make a Vice city and San Andreas version! And it will have all the things people miss from the other games.

But then again, I still feel like Rockstar might give us some totally different city in the next one.

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no, no, no..... they need to re-make GTA San andreas with the GTA4 engine.

now that would be awsome. i think i would pay full price for that.

PirateThom3749d ago

They will, but right after Vice City.

Rockstar are in a comfort zone now Liberty - Vice - San Andreas. Reapeat each gen.

Hypnotic3749d ago (Edited 3749d ago )

This guy who wrote the article needs to work on his conversions. 1200 MS points equals $15.00 not $12.00. Just like every game on Originals.

Ben10543749d ago

use normall money like PSN.
it counldnt be easier to understand

peowpeow3749d ago

Although i have finished this game countless times (it's true :P i know you have too) I will definitely be getting this, why? Hell I don't know

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The story is too old to be commented.