PlayStation Portable PSARDumper for 5.00 Decryption Released

PS3 News: "With the release of PlayStation Portable Firmware 5.00 yesterday, PSP hacker Dark_AleX has made available PSARDumper for 5.00 Decryption."

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razer3653d ago

well since we want to dicuss 360 piracy here so much we might as well include all the systems. if everytime a 360 game is on a torrent is news worthy then why not the tools to hack the psp?

pwnsause3653d ago

your so dumb. I said "oh god" in terms on what this man is doing, not because im tired about Piracy news on the PSP. right now im not able to approve the topic. If i had the ability to approve news right now, i would approve this one.

you are really looking to make sparks fly arent you.. if you do, do it in the open zone.

FantasyStar3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

That's what you get pwnsauce. When you make vague statements like that, someone's going to misinterpret it. If it's anyone's fault; it's your fault for not being clear in what you meant the first time.

P.S. - I didn't hit the Disagree-button. The disagree-monster's on the loose again!

razer3653d ago

Dumb because I cant understand your vague post? im not a mind reader so before you start throwing out insults maybe you should take your own advice and go to the open zone.

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Strife Lives3653d ago

Some people in this thread have no manners.In any case.the PSP 3000 is now officially unhackable because of its new CPU.So. . .yeah,until somebody finds a way around it.

Silvia0073653d ago

But, not for long... unfortunate for Sony, not so much for me.

razer3653d ago

just give it a couple weeks and they will have it cracked, unfortunately.

VMAN_013653d ago

So this mean its possible to downgrade from PSP 5.00 (i got psp phat btw)

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