Resistance 2 Beta starting Thursday

Squeak, administrator on the official Resistance forums, has just revealed that the beta will start this Thursday.

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RenegadeRocks3657d ago

Well, thats cool !! Now where's my beta code ?!?!?!?
(Goes to check email !)

jlytle12343657d ago

yeah. its good to know the emails haven't been sent out. i was worried my email tagged it spam.

Tarasque3657d ago

Well i am waiting for the so called beta *cough* DEMO *cough*, i am pretty upset that i was lied to about the beta and i have a right to be. Being that i paid to get the beta and it didn't start when it was suppose too. So from this day forward i think i will rent every IG game from here on out. So if anyone needs a key to get in the beta i will give mine up.

Beast_Master3657d ago

Was it annouced that the beta would go live on a certain date? I am looking at my card and it only says that you have to redeem by 10/22/08. I don't know about you, but getting to play the multi-player for almost 3 weeks before the game is released is something X-box does al---never ever ever ever! [email protected] is activision not MS, Wheres the Gears Beta?

Tarasque3657d ago

Well J Stevenson said the beta would be available early October and that time has done come and gone. And also you know the demo ends october the 30 right, thats 2 weeks not 3. Ummm try halo 3 beta ummm COD4 and 5 beta all right at a month long. And far as the gears beta goes it will be very solid with no doubt in my mind. I just feel cheated i paid 3 bucks for a beta and it was not hit on target release. So at this point it is a demo the game is being pressed and packaged as we speak. So in theory i am paying 3 bucks to help test their servers.

jlytle12343657d ago

just got my code in the email!!!!

Beast_Master3657d ago

So you agree that they never put an exact date. It is the 16th which isn't exactly the end of the month. And like I said it is 2 days short of 3 weeks. I don't know why you would pay 3 dollars for a beta? It just shows me that you don't own a PS3. I mean I put 5 dollars down on R2 to reserve it from Gamestop. That 5 bucks goes towards the purchase price on Nov. 2 so I am not exactly paying extra for the Beta. And those Betas that you mentioned where closed not open.

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Max Power3657d ago

can't wait for that tomorrow, it looks like i am not getting much sleep tomorrow night

dro3657d ago

pls someone tell me how to get into the beta, every time i try to get beta codes i never get one. pls rply to my inbox or my comment.... tnks.

n4gzz3657d ago

you get code and instruction on your assigned playstation network email.

Fishy Fingers3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


Oh wait no, I'm UK. I cant get Qore codes, I cant get preorder codes and have yet to recieve an e-mail (and probably wont).

Boooooo! :(

THC CELL3657d ago are giving codes today if u pre order

Fishy Fingers3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Thank you, you sexy man you. But the websites says "Access to the BETA is now fully subscribed."

What does that mean, can someone clarify? If I preorder today will I get a code?

Neurotoxin3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

It means your to late to get a code from They stopped doing codes last week as they had only a limited number most probably. I`m hoping to receive my email from as i pre-ordered a couple of weeks ago, knowing my luck though they will be over subscribed.. lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.