UK God of War launch is the biggest in the series history

Same for the new Yakuza, too. God of War on PS4 is the fastest selling title in the franchise' history (boxed sales only). God of War's success in the UK is despite it being absent on the Amazon UK store pre-launch.

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AspiringProGenji232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

As it should! it is the very best in the series so far! Show your support to this game people! it really deserves it

uptownsoul232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

So much for the "Exclusives don't sell" & "Single Player games don't sell" narratives!!!

(as if those old tropes haven't already been proven wrong time & time again)

Cyborgg232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I know right 😂

ScootaKuH231d ago

No loot boxes, battle royale mode and is 100% single player? It'll never catch on...

DarkVoyager232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

“UK God of War launch is the biggest in the series history“

Well deserved. Cory and the team at Sony Santa Monica must be very proud.

Thank you guys for proving single player games matter!

GaboonViper232d ago

SP games>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>MP games any day.

badz149232d ago

and that was just physical copies. together with digital sales, I wonder how many millions they already sold

cell989231d ago

And thank you for making a complete game with no loot boxes and micro transactions, preloaded paywall contet. With the excuse that “game development is so expensive nowadays and we need to find way to make a profit”. How about make a good game with great production values and watch it fly off the shelves

Bastrad231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

One of the best games I've ever played so far. Just beautiful to behold. There's a particular time on a mountain that totally astounded me by the attention to detail.

The sales are more than justified, I hope other devs and publishers pay attention, THIS is what gamers want.

EDIT:By that I mean a fully fledged game that is made by gamers for gamers. None of that nickle and diming shit, it is what it is, no added sugar necessary.

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joab777232d ago

Everyone should experience this game! It’s unreal and that’s hard to do these days. It has great combat to go with story and atmosphere. Atreus is amazing, which is a feat unto itself.

Barlog said he wrote this with another in mind, so imagine what GoW 5 might be without having to build an engine and constantly having 20 bottlenecks slowing down the development process.

rainslacker232d ago

I found Atreus really annoying at first. I still find him annoying at times because he won't shut up during combat, however, the people that say this is some sort of escort quest game, or you're babysitting, are completely misguided or misinformed. He's actually quite useful in combat, and it's even part of the game play and adds a level of strategy that most cover based game play simply doesn't have with its completely(or mostly completely) computer based AI.

UltraNova231d ago

I'm 6 hrs in and Atreus is becoming a very helpful 'tool' in combat now that I have been able to upgrade his skills and equipment a bit. I m sure he will be integrated more and more in my combat sequences the more I upgrade him. His AI is top notch however..

As for the I 'm in love...Kratos has been given flesh and bones, in a way, and I really really like his tough love approach (thanks Dad!). The game is fantastic!

Obscure_Observer231d ago


"He's actually quite useful in combat, and it's even part of the game play and adds a level of strategy that most cover based game play simply doesn't have with its completely(or mostly completely) computer based AI."

I would say that Atreus is pretty much VITAL when you´re playing on "give me god of war" difficult with immersive mode enable.

Vizigoth04231d ago

Yeah, I use Atreus alot especially more often with harder enemies, especially with the skills he gains later on. He gets a little mouthy story wise at a point in the game but Kratos has to set him straight again. But I don't find him annoying at all in game play or combat. He's very useful.

rainslacker231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

I'm finding myself using Artreus more and more as an actual viable and expected form of game play. The ability to form different strategies is quite helpful, and obviously what the developer intended. He's not just a random get out of trouble card, or random "might kill a guy passing by" thing or "shoot and do paltry damage for the appearance of having a capable side kick" kind of character. In some fights, it seems like its intended to kill the enemy by having him pull aggro, to which you can then attack the enemy from behind(shielded enemies).

That doesn't remove his constant chatter from battles. Although I know his comments about incoming attacks is supposed to be useful, it just gets repetitive. However, I will say since getting more used to the combat system, and spending more time on crowd control, he doesn't talk as much, because I tend to already be in a position to be aware of what's coming.


Since I find this game pretty challenging at normal levels, I'm almost afraid to try the hardest mode.:)


If you're talking about in Alfheim...then yeah, I just wanted to smack him with the sharp end of the axe a few times. Sadly, when I tried, nothing happened, and he just asked why we were still there.:)

And the only annoying thing I find about him in combat is his announcements of incoming attacks, because I don't find them that effective in actually dodging those attacks. But that may just be my reaction times.

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alb1899232d ago

Yep, we have to support a great game so the message is clear to the developers.

Forn231d ago

It could be the best game ever made in my opinion, not just the best in the series. It's been beyond my wildest expectations.

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BeardedDrachen232d ago

Great news. God of War is a powerhouse.

solideagle232d ago

oh yeah, my favorite series is getting bigger and better :) I am excited about first week numbers. It should do around 2 million first week.

xX-oldboy-Xx232d ago

I'd say more, Aus is fairly small market and when I grabbed my copy around lunchtime - the other 6 people in the store were doing the same.

It's going to do huge numbers 1st week and easily 10mill after a year.

Dark_Knightmare2232d ago

It’s easily doing more than that

SuperSonic91232d ago

What matters is that the game moves the video game medium forward to progress. The Last of Us did that last generation and broke down barriers to the point that film and literary critics took notice and interest.

Video games as a storytelling medium is progressing very well with PlayStation as the vehicle.

God of War will do the same this generation with TLOU Pt 2 and Detroit: Become Human

SuperSonic91232d ago

Every level in this game is screaming high quality and brand new!

badz149232d ago

some other camp is just proud to have old games in 4K

Vizigoth04231d ago


Lol. True. But stay classy my friend. We know what we got and that'll tied us over for some time now.

GaboonViper232d ago

Well done SSM, SP games are alive and well thanks to Sony and PS4.

meganick232d ago

Props to Nintendo as well for keeping compelling single player games relevant.

GaboonViper232d ago

Agree, both deserve respect.

Bathyj232d ago

I'm not really into Nintendo these days but I agree completely. At least they do their own thing, not scream me too.

ArchangelMike232d ago

Seriously, it hasn't been out for a week yet and it's already breaking records. It'll be interesting to see what first week sales will be.

blackblades232d ago

It broke records before a week even started.

UCForce232d ago

You can say the game is something special for everyone.

rainslacker232d ago

Will only be two days of sales. Released Friday and Saturday is the last day of the week for UK numbers counting.

showtimefolks232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

It's gonna sell 3-5 million quick and than 8-10 lifetime possibly a lot more because the reviews and hype behind it is unreal

Digital sales account for more than 50-60% of game sales now a days so when Sony releases a statement it wouldn't shock me if the numbers are much much higher

They did the best thing possible have it reviewed early than let it build hype

SSM and Cory truly deserved

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AnubisG232d ago

50-60% digital sales??? Where did you get that from? I would say it's less than 20% of overall sales.

showtimefolks232d ago


Where are you guys living? Digital sales account for more than physical sales

I buy all physical but we can't deny the impact of digital

michellelynn0976232d ago ShowReplies(2)
jorellpogi232d ago

It was sold out here in KSA. Some shops are selling the game between 70 to 80USD.

rainslacker232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Digital sales account for between 15-25% of any individual games sales. Digital revenue tends to make it look like it's more because it includes DLC, MT, subs, etc.

1st link said it's only some games, then extrapolates it's thesis from that. Some games can indeed be higher, but it's not typical across the board in any region.

2nd article extrapolated revenue as actual game sales, which is what I mentioned is wrong with many reports that discuss this, because they don't actually understand the information they're talking about.

3rd article is just a prediction by EA, which has been pushing the narrative that digital is here and now, and somehow everyone is going towards it so everyone should just get on board. However, there is no other reputable analysis firm which will back that information up. Even Ubisoft said that half of it's revenue is from digital, but that includes more than just game sales....which as stated often misconstrued.

In any case, Sony tends to announce milestone numbers for successful games so far this gen. I have a feeling we'll hear something soon enough.

showtimefolks232d ago

Thank you for explaining and for insight information

Inzo231d ago

Well U4 is sitting at almost 12 million copies sold so there is no reason for GOW not to match or even surpass that.

Although I disagree with you digital sales figure, I think its closer to about 20 - 25%.

showtimefolks231d ago

yeah i hope GOW gets to 12-15 million range and puts SSM and GOW series on it's rightful place

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