Bethesda showing "healthy number" of new projects at E3

Game Reactor:

At PAX East we had the chance to speak with Bethesda's Senior Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines about all things Bethesda, from Nintendo support to ongoing games, and right at the end we asked if we could get a tease for what's coming at E3, and boy did Hines deliver.

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PiNkFaIrYbOi179d ago

Hopefully something about the next Elder Scrolls game, and not about another port of Skyrim or more stuff about ESO.

Asuka179d ago

Right there with you but Bethesda has said time again that ESVI is very far off. They have two other large projects to come before the next ES, one of which is almost certainly Starfield, and the other may be a Fallout MMO akin to ESO since Bethesda has the rights to Fallout Online and ESO has been doing very well for them.

But with E3 right around the corner nothing is out of the question imo

dirkdady179d ago

Yep Starfield will be revealed for sure.

wonderfulmonkeyman179d ago

At this point, I'm convinced that Bethesda won't be satisfied until they've found a way to put Skyrim on calculators.XD

HowBoutDat179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I logged in after a half a year of not being logged in just to give this comment an upvote.

lociefer179d ago

i still can't play skyrim on my toothbrush, so here's hoping they port it

Myst-Vearn179d ago

I know the guys at Bethesda want to make new games but all I want from them is a new Elder Scrolls, that's just how it is for me ;/

zombiewombie179d ago

Skyrim for mobile phones coming up!

Agent_00_Revan179d ago

Still waiting on the N-Gage port.

TheOttomatic91179d ago

I hope a healthy number of those games are SP games but given how poorly Bethesda SP games sell I doubt it.

Frinker179d ago

Yeah, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are complete failures

TyrellCorp179d ago

Clearly people missed the sarcasm

179d ago
notachance179d ago

lol totally, it's not like bethesda themselves launched the #saveplayer1 campaign just 4 months ago

jznrpg179d ago

Just give me my Elder Scrolls fix

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The story is too old to be commented.