Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra Shows His Support For God of War And States That He Is A Gamer First

The rivalry between fans of Xbox and PlayStation is one that can get really better in terms of healthy discourse. Perhaps they can learn a thing or two from the developers of these consoles as they’ve often showed support for their rival console. This was exemplified in some recent tweets by Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft.

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BeardedDrachen231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

You don't see Shu streaming Sea of Thieves...
Edit.. Not saying that Shu isn't a gamer... but Shu isn't promoting the competition's games.

DarkVoyager231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Because he has better games to play...

Bhai231d ago

Haha that's precisely the precise-est answer ;) :D

-Foxtrot231d ago

Pretty much

Monster Hunter World
Ni No Kuni II
Far Cry 5
God of War
A Way out
Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

He could be playing any of those or even playing an older game who knows.

dirkdady230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Here is Shu complementing msft for making onto Rolling stone a few months back:

I agree with the sentiment that if there was a game worthy of praise Shu would say something like he did for breath of the wild.

dcbronco230d ago

PlayStation gamers can be such douches. Or is it just the kids here?

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AdonisIsBeast231d ago

The fact of the matter is, he would show praise and play an Xbox exclusive title if Microsoft released a true AAA,high quality, and nostalgic experience. At the moment they have zero titles as such. I don’t think YOU get it.

The Wood231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Only good games get bigged up by the vps. Loads of high rated games haven't been mentioned by Microsofts vp's. What's shu meant to say 'well done for releasing a game at long last'. . . . . C'mon it's obviously the critical acclaim and high scores across the board why this title was shouted

Muigi231d ago Show
-Foxtrot230d ago Show
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen230d ago

Believe it or not BeardedDrachen, not everyone likes the console exclusive games being offered by Xbox, especially when there's games like these that are available to play.

Yakuza 6
Ni No Kuni 2
Far Cry 5
God of War
MLB The Show
Monster Hunter World

Sea of Thieves is taking a back seat to all these other games.

Epic_Troy230d ago Show
gobluesamg230d ago

They aren't dislikes. Pretty much everyone here disagrees with you and for good reason.

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OffRoadKing231d ago

Why would Shu stream SoT, a 69 metacritic game? Or was that your point?

BeardedDrachen231d ago

The point is although Shu is a gamer, he's not streaming/promoting the competition's game....

Bhai231d ago

@BeardedDrachen: He would when and if he gets a worthy/gow4 quality streamable/promotable game on the competition's side ;)

morganfell231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Shu has plenty of games to play. Are you suggesting he go out of his way to forego his own company's plethora of titles in order to make a statement?

BeardedDrachen231d ago


You two are missing the point completely.

morganfell231d ago

No, you are missing the point. Shu has games to play. Amazing games to play. Maybe he is playing God of War right now. I can't think of an Xbox game that would make me put down God of War simply for the sake of making a statement. Maybe he is playing Spider Man. Or builds of TLOU2. Or Days Gone. Or Ghost of Tsushima. Or one of numerous unannounced titles since Sony is doubling down on Exclusives.

BeardedDrachen231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Maybe Phil and other execs are playtesting other games TOO. So what??

Just give it a rest. You’re not interested in hearing what I have to say.

StormSnooper231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

People would think he is trolling. Honestly, if right now he came out and said, “I wanna congratulate MS for SoT”, I personally would think he was trolling. Besides, if Playstation are getting a new heavy hitter every month, I think it would be unfair for Shu to congratulate the competition. But if they had no games coming out, then theoretically there would be room to congratulate MS for something good they release.

KickSpinFilter231d ago (Edited 231d ago ) shu lol or Spencer or Neil Druckman lol.
Stream lol They all have more important stuff to do than Stream

DLConspiracy231d ago

Yeah why would Shu play a game if the hive tells him not to play it? Games are not about personal enjoyment they are about what other people think. Good on you.

Rachel_Alucard231d ago


Shu likes games like The last guardian, SoTC, Heavenly sword, and Hellblade. Tell me when Microsoft ever releases a game like that instead of this multiplayer only service template shit they keep pumping out with no soul.

morganfell231d ago

"Just give it a rest."

Looks at lower right corner of you post. Knows you are the one everyone is telling to give it a rest.

leoms231d ago

he meant to say that you won't see SONY promote its competitor... I think

FinalFantasyFanatic231d ago


To be fair, it's hard to praise the competition when they don't give you much to praise them for. I can't remember a time this gen when they did praise Microsoft.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

You just don't get it. Perhaps Shu isn't interested in Sea of Thieves, just like millions of other people. On the other hand, there's God of War, which has been attained universal acclaim. I guarantee that Shu has played The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, RIGHT?


Epic_Troy230d ago

Why isn't he streaming zelda or Mario....I'll wait

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AspiringProGenji231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

And you don’t see none of the Nintendo execs play neither. You see them delivering their stuff like Sony does.

MS execs has this weird notion they have to show themselves as good people to the community... just stop! No one cares. We get this is a competition but we don't want to see you being so kind when you got nothing to offer. It is starting to obvious look ridiculous

Also wasn’t this guy on Twitter laughing at PS fans when the X was showed saying they were sending him death threats? Where was his “Gamer first” then? Aron Greenberg also becomes someone else on twitter when MS has something... Lol

And last! This is Gaminbolt as usual turning simple tweets into articles. Beware

OB1Biker231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

People are so naive.
Im sure Shu and others play all sort of games from any platform because its actually also part of their jobs to know whats going on. They just dont go to the balcony with their lil flags to show off and get some attention.

Thatguy-310231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

If MS were to release a quality title that's being praised left and right then I'm sure you would see them show support for it. They aren't going to bandwagon and praise mediocrity. Praise shouldn't just be thrown around like that.

BeardedDrachen231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

That's not the point tho. I'm not saying PS or Nintendo should bandwagon on mediocrity. I'm saying that in GENERAL, top execs from the companies that are not Xbox never stream their competition's games and promote them. MS seems to be the only company who constantly tries to be 'Mr.Nice Guy' and 'gamer first'. They are in competition but never act like it.

morganfell231d ago

Well look at that billboard sized clue. Sony and Nintendo execs do not play other company's games. Sony and Nintendo both produce a lot of exclusives. See the correlation?

BeardedDrachen231d ago


How do you know they don’t play the compeitions’ games??

Where were the execs at PS or Nintendo streaming Cuphead, Ori, Sunset Overdrive or Gears 4?
Mike could have picked ANY other game besides God of War to Stream to fill the poll.. but not, he mentioned God of War and promoted it. The POINT is you don’t see the other execs promoting games that are on opposite platforms whether they are good or bad.

gangsta_red231d ago


"See the correlation?"

No actually, because BeardedDrachen has amazingly repeated and reiterated his point to the simplest form and you and others still seem to be missing it by long flat land miles.

AspiringProGenji231d ago

Shu has said he has nintendo consoles for their daughters and himself, but he doesn't have to show it to everybody by streaming games. For all we know he also has an Xbox but again doesn't have to stream anything to prove it. How MS has to constantly remind us they are such good sports is beyond me really

rainslacker231d ago

I think people see the point. They're questioning why its important.

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gangsta_red231d ago

Pretty amazing how some missed the point of your comment and instantly went into rage mode.

But I completely agree with you Drachen.

Doesn't matter if he's a gamer or not he is still in a business of competition and being an exec he should at least take that into consideration.

A Pepsi exec may like coke and it's all soda in the end but you'll never see him ask a survey which other brand of soda including Coke he should drink with his dinner.

BeardedDrachen231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Thank you. I’m honestly surprised to see so many people miss that point.

showtimefolks231d ago

Red is that you other account? Who the heck cares ps4/switch have better games than Xbox one

It's executives don't have to play nice because last Gen a this Xbox executives were talking loud now they got no platform to talk on so they are praising others

What you and other Xbox fans don't seem to realize us the fact even after 18 years of being in this industry ms with all its financial muscles can't compete with Sony or Nintendo


No one cares what you mean Xbox executives are gamers too so when their platform can't deliver they have to play quality games on other platforms

BeardedDrachen231d ago


Even if they have to play other quality games, you don’t announce it to the competition, and to the fans that you’re doing it. It’s all PR. and MS has terrible PR.

gangsta_red231d ago


"Who the heck cares ps4/switch have better games than Xbox one"

Not really sure what that has anything to do with what's being discussed but thanks for sharing.

"because last Gen a this Xbox executives were talking loud now they got no platform to talk on so they are praising others..."

Hmmmm, again your comment has no point or is of no relevance to this actual discussion. You do realize that we're both criticizing this Xbox exec for around the same reasons you and other are don't you?

I mean it is absolutely amazing how you and others are not comprehending this.

If you guys would take the time to actually read the comment instead of getting excited at a chance to shit on Xbox you would actually see this.

StormSnooper231d ago

I think it’s because most people know that this isn’t MS being nice, this is business and they would get fired if they conduc5 themselves in a way that goes against MS’s interests in the scope of their employment. The reason why MS execs are remarking is because they need to acknowledge the competition or else their silence would do more harm to MS otherwise. It’s really a message to their own base not to worry.

FinalFantasyFanatic231d ago (Edited 231d ago )


I wouldn't say they have terrible pr, with what they have to work with, MS's pr can really spin it and generate excitement when they have very little going on. That's pretty damn impressive (that and people keep buying Xboxes while everyone else knows MS strategy this gen, albeit less sales than the competition).

AspiringProGenji231d ago

He is in no obligation to stream the competitor’s games. Not even Nintendo ever does that. MS just happen to have nothing atm and playing the “good sport” card. And btw this was a poll that he did and his followers voted for GoW. It wasn’t even his decision lol.

UCForce230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

You and @BeardedDrachen MS praise other game competitors like God Of War to make them look like a good guy which is not. Because MS has nothing to offer. MS couldn’t make comeback like PS3 did. Even Xbox fans losing respect to MS. Shu doesn’t need to stream other competitor games. He can play game whatever he likes. Why do you want to
force Shu to do it ? You two are so

gangsta_red230d ago


"Why do you want to force Shu to do it? You two are so Naive."

Wow...just wow...

I seriously don't know how many more times a person can explain something that is so plain to understand.

Bearded and especially me never said that Shu must play SoT.

The fact you called us *naive* when you completely missed the discussion is the mind bending part of it all.

Please read the thread carefully and then understand that Bearded and I are actually criticizing Mike Ybarra for what he's doing here. (For the umpteenth time)

MorpheusX230d ago (Edited 230d ago )


I agree. I'm not sure how they missed your point either.

I don't understand or see the point in MS execs, congratulating what is obvious, Sony is making great AAA games this Gen.

MS is not making great AAA games, & should be focused on that, not sure what congratulating your competition is doing for the Xbox1 platform.

I think that was the point of BeardedDrachen & Gangsta_red.

How that was missed by so many is...... interesting.

It was a very simple point to comprehend. And I agree with your point.

It's kinda weird to see MS this Gen not focus on AAA exclusives, but then turn around & congratulate Sony for there's?

uhm hello?

I think the Xbox 1 fanbase clearly would like to see AAA exclusives on the level of God of War too.

smh, MS, ..oh boy.

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BehindTheRows231d ago

I think I get what you’re saying. Why are Microsoft’s execs busy playing Sony’s games all the time? At least, that’s how I initially took it.

Regarding Shu, he’s usually playing Nintendo’s games as well as Sony’s. :p

BeardedDrachen231d ago

No, why are they promoting them and congratulating Sony/Nintendo all the time, not just playing their games, (they can do that all they want).

It would be like a Pepi exec constantly saying how great Coke tastes all the time.

Brave_Losers_Unite231d ago

You are comparing pepsi and coke that has been out for many years to a game thats not even a week old. Do you think Microsoft would one day be like, Hey Sony, great Final Fantasy 7 game you have on the PS1. Its amazing

S2Killinit231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

For the same reason MS constantly talks about their competitors. They want this forum to be filled with talks of them congratulating Sony so they can stay relevant. If they dont say anything they lose mindshare. They need to acknowledge the competition otherwise the void will be filled by xbox fans asking “where is MS’s equivalent?” So, what do they do? They congratulate Sony so we would talk about what we are talking about right now. They arent being nice, its a business strategy. Does that answer your question?

FinalFantasyFanatic231d ago (Edited 231d ago )


True, but it's a bad business strategy, they really haven't got anything. There's no Microsoft equivalents or competitors to Sony's games, hell, they're just struggling with exclusive games all together. It looks bad to compare them with Sony or Nintendo game-wise.

Maybe they should differentiate themselves and go a different path like Nintendo does (Nintendo doesn't even try to compete with Sony and Microsoft, half the time they really hit it out of the ballpark big time e.g. Wii/Switch).

Aenea230d ago


It keeps Xbox in the news, they look like good guys, blabla, it's a PR thing, plain and simple.

If he didn't think it would make him and Xbox look good he wouldn't have added GoW to his own poll in his own Tweet, if he had thought it would make them look bad he would've quietly played the game without drawing attention to it...

It's not rocket science you know...

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TKCMuzzer231d ago

er......he doesn't stream but he definitely games. If you follow him on the PS4 it shows up in the whats new. Not everyone has to broadcast their games to make them a gamer.

BehindTheRows231d ago

Yeah, that’s I’m saying you meant. Why are they always commenting on the competition’s games.

rainslacker231d ago

He doesn't need to do that kind of thing to keep Sony in the news.

dreue231d ago Show
yellowgerbil231d ago

Actually Shu is a big Nintendo fan and was all over his love of switch, it has nothing to do with not promoting competition and everything to do with the fact that in 4 years the only 2 good Xbox games were Sunset and cuphead ( neither are even first party) so Shu and other Sony guys would have nothing to praise Xbox for

FinalFantasyFanatic231d ago

This, as far as we know this E3 will have a new Halo though, so that's potentially a good game to look forward to. If I could get Sunset Overdrive and the Halo collection on Pc, that'd be pretty baller for me.

babadivad231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

This guy is kinda ridiculous with this. I can't believe they don't understand this point yet. Now, I'm not a fanboy but this seems painfully obvious as to why he's getting blow back.

You are in DIRECT competition with Sony. Why are you promoting their games[For FREE] in a public forum, when you are a head of a gaming company.

This is exactly like the CEO of Toyota trying to get you to buy a Lexus by constantly talking about how great Cadillacs are. Then getting online and saying "That new Cadillac is so great, I bought one myself."

Even if you like Cadillacs better than Lexus, You SHOULD NOT say that in public. Because you work for, and are representing Toyota. This should be business 101, don't promote your direct competition's products over your own.

It's just so weird to see Microsoft constantly doing things like this when their direct completion never reciprocate this odd practice. Sony and Nintendo seem to understand they are competitors, don't know why Microsoft hire ups can't understand that.

I'm not sure how much longer stuff like this can go on. Microsoft needs to get it together.

Sure, you are a gamer, play the game in private.

And in case he STILL doesn't understand. You are NOT a "gamer" first. You are a very public, Microsoft Employee first, and a gamer second.

It's no small wonder why Sony is mopping the floor with these idiots.

rainslacker231d ago

Exactly. Congratulating each other once in a while on a successful release, like they both did at the start of the gen to acknowledge the competition, maybe once in a blue moon when they have an exceptional release success and the moment happens to be right is one thing. But MS constantly making remarks like this, and going even further than they did for the launch to actually promote it actively more than once is just completely idiotic from a competitive standpoint. Sure, it makes the execs look good I guess, but their customer base doesn't care that much about if they're gamers. They care if they can deliver on games. When push comes to shove, people are going to buy and play games. They aren't going to buy a system because MS execs seem more enthralled with their competitions offerings than their own.

While I feel it's likely many of these execs are gamers, or at least appreciate gaming well enough, I don't believe for one second they're doing this because of friendly competition though. I think they're doing it because they are desperate to stay in the news. They do it every time Sony is having a good run with some positive press(most game releases), and usually any potential bad press(cross play stuff). Just seems more like they're just needy and want to be noticed.

gangsta_red230d ago


"I think they're doing it because they are desperate to stay in the news."

I really have no idea how you can even come to this way of thinking especially when it's a poll and not even news created by MS.

And how exactly would this even benefit MS promoting the competition in news? If anything this only shines a light on what they're missing.

"They do it every time Sony is having a good run with some positive.."

Are you really sure "they" do it or is it other media outlets that report it and get sent here?

Interesting conspiracy theories you have but I personally think you're reading a little bit more into it then it truly is.

AspiringProGenji230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

There you have it!!!


rainslacker230d ago (Edited 230d ago )

Yes. MS does it. You think they use Twitter without realizing that the media is going to report on every insignificant thing they say? MS knows social media as well as the next guy, and they comment every time Sony has something positive going on. If they said nothing, we wouldn't even be talking about MS right now. People would be talking about GOW alone. But because of MS actions, they have interjected themselves into this particular conversation, and so while we talk about GOW, we're also talking about how great a guy people over at MS are, or how they're for the gamer despite having nothing on the caliber of GOW, or in some cases in this very comment section, how Sony is evil because they don't allow cross play.

It's not really a conspiracy. It's just the way things are. If Sony or Nintendo said something, we'd see a similar effect. Biases may slant different ways, but they'd be thrown into a conversation where they don't really belong. If the things these executives said didn't mean anything beyond the few people who might read the tweet, they wouldn't bother with Twitter that much. Twitter, YouTube, and all it's brethren are one of the most powerful marketing tools available to companies today. It's free to use, and causes instant reaction through viral reporting and reaction. Thus, keeping companies relevant in the news....even if it's not their news to be relevant in.

Aenea230d ago (Edited 230d ago )


It's a poll he created himself, he's the one that added God of War to his poll, and it's on Twitter so everyone and their donkey can see it, he surely counted on people noticing it how good of him, yadayada

It's just a PR stunt, like rainslacker says it makes sure they are now in the news as well even tho they did zilch (besides making a poll on Twitter)...

It IS rather naive to think otherwise...

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FITgamer231d ago

Really? He plays Nintendo games all the time.

rebeljoe14231d ago

maybe Sony has a policy against it so he can publicly admit it but who knows maybe he does. He owns an Xbox One, and a Switch so he definitely plays those games

Aenea231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Better question is:
Have you seen Ybarra stream Sea of Thieves?

Besides, what either of them do, it all could be just a preference thing, could it not?


"No, why are they promoting them and congratulating Sony/Nintendo all the time"

PR, plain and simple...