A New Nintendo Handheld on the Horizon? Doubtful

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

Some recent patents from Nintendo seem to indicate plans for a new dedicated handheld system, but this more than likely isn't the case.

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AnkitDanger181d ago

probably switch xl or mini

wonderfulmonkeyman180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Nah, Switch isn't a dedicated handheld and it's only 13 months old in any case, so it won't be treated like the 3DS line.
No way there's going to be a revision this soon, if at all, especially since they've gone on record to state that they want to make the Switch last 7 years if not more.

wonderfulmonkeyman180d ago

The majority of the patents that Nintendo creates never actually see the light of day as real products, so it wouldn't be surprising for the rumors of a new handheld to be nothing but hot air.