Doom To Get Another Movie


I know what you’re thinking, dear lord do we need another DOOM movie after the 2005 box office flop? Well if Universal Pictures have their say then the answer is yes.

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Cajun Chicken1248d ago

If a new Doom movie was to made in the same vein as the 2016 reboot, I think it would be safe in the director of Hardcore Henry's hands. BUT and a big but. There isn't a lot of story or character to play with to really aim for a commercial blockbuster movie. I love DOOM, but it isn't movie material. and when they stray from what makes Doom Doom, the original Doom movie came out.

PhantomS421248d ago

I would absolutely love it if the people behind Hardcore Henry did a Doom movie. For as enjoyably bad the first one was, I liked the nod to the games with the first person scene.

-Foxtrot1248d ago

Literally the best scene in a video game film. Why? Because it stuck as close as the source material as they could even changing the perspective

Retard1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

granted Tom Hanks is a fantastic actor IMO. If movies like Cast Away, All is Lost, etc. can pull off a good movie with almost nothing but character development - Doom has no excuse

ApexWolf221248d ago

I need an ounce of whatever your smoking...

CorndogBurglar1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Doom is movie material. They just need to actually explain what's going on in the beginning.

Whatever happened to the days when action movies were considered fun? Not everything has to have deep plots with twists and turns to be a good movie. Sometimes demons from Hell just break into our dimension on Mars and a lone space marine has to kill them all. It doesn't need to be The Departed, or The Dark Knight to be a good, fun movie.

SegaGamer1248d ago

Yeah, just look at the old action movies of the 80's. Die Hard, Rambo, Commando, ridiculous and over the top films, but they were fun to watch. I think a lot of people take too many films too seriously these days. Like you say, they don't ALL need to have deep plots with twists and turns.

-Foxtrot1248d ago

The thing is the Doom film tried to explain the "demons" as a science experiment gone wrong...they tried to put science behind it rather then just "Oh yeah a hell dimension portal opened up and Hell armies are invading"

I mean I just assumed the Hell Dimension was science like anyway, it got the name because of how it looks to human kinds version of hell in the bible, when it reality it's just another dimension, possibly one of many.

gangsta_red1248d ago

You don't have to make the Doom movie in the FPS/Hardcore Henry perspective. Imo, that is an awful idea.

The story of Doom is so simplistic that it could definitely work on the big screen. Scientists on Mars open a rift to Hell and now the survivors have to try and either get off the planet or close the rift.

Bullets, explosions, monsters and Gore comes next

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CorndogBurglar1248d ago

We never got a Doom movie to begin with. I know some movie with the Rock came out with Doom as the title. But does anyone actually consider that an actual Doom movie?

mafiahajeri1248d ago

The first one was a really good popcorn flick. The ending when it went first person was epic.

Asuka1248d ago

can you smell what the Rock is cooking?

KwietStorm_BLM1248d ago

As much as they tried to make a left turn with the first movie, I actually thought it was pretty entertaining. I wonder if they thought they couldn't go full DOOM without upsetting the public, and that's why it was softer. It's not like we haven't had demons and hell spawn before though, so I dunno.

Kleptic1248d ago

I remember around release of the first one that some producers, or the studio, admitting that they were not going to touch 'hell'; that that whole part of the game's story, if you could call it that, was being rewritten into typical alien-virus-etc. just to not get anyone too flipped out...

and I agree. Event Horizon came out well before and very much did dive into the whole 'science leads straight to hell' direction...I'm guessing it was just because doom was a video game before or something ridiculous.

KwietStorm_BLM1248d ago

Oh I never heard that directly from them. Makes sense. Maybe looking at the success of R rated movies since then, they'll feel more inclined to stick closer to the source material. It's not like they have to go into any religious or nothing like that. They're just typical monster looking demons that we've seen in plenty of movies already.

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