Blade Runner scene recreated in Unreal Engine 4, looking better than its CRYENGINE version

DSOGaming writes: "As I’m pretty sure you may know, I am a big fan of Blade Runner. After all, my desktop background – as seen in pretty much all PC Performance Analysis articles – is a Blade Runner recreation in CRYENGINE. However, it appears the time to replace has come as Quixel’s 3D Artist and Art Lead, Wiktor Ohman, has recreated a scene from this iconic film in Unreal Engine 4."

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strayanalog1011d ago

Great. Now I want a Blade Runner game. Impressive nevertheless, though.

porkChop1011d ago

Last I heard, Gearbox owned the rights. Randy Pitchford said they couldn't afford the budget to make the proper open world game the movies deserve, so they would never make it. Which makes me wonder why they bought the rights to begin with.

They also bought the rights to Heat and did nothing with it, so Kane and Lynch is the closest we'll ever get.

strayanalog1011d ago

Now I kind of hate knowing that. Maybe Gearbox will surprise us and put those rights to use in Gen 9? There's some great stories to tell in that universe. Otherwise, like you said, what's the point? Besides torturing fans.

As for Heat, yeah, I think you're right about Kane and Lynch. Gearbox now sounds like a mountain of unused rights.

Muzikguy1011d ago

CRYENGINE is nice and all but I don’t think it’s that great.

ChrisW1011d ago

There are a ton of videos showing off the differences of Cryengine vs others. Check them out...

Spoiler Alert: The other engines are better.

specialguest1011d ago (Edited 1011d ago )

Does anyone remember this Unreal Engine demo back in 2011 called Samaritan?

Yeah, I remember watching it back then and thinking to myself this type of graphics in real-time was not possible any time soon. Today this could be done. Wow, the future is here now. We've come a long way.

iNcRiMiNaTi1011d ago

Samaritan looked good but I think the Infiltrator one took it to another level.

If we can get real time games that look like this it'd be pretty insane

specialguest1011d ago

Yes I remember that one now. I think it could be done in terms of the polygon count and texture, but the lighting and other effects might take a hit.

letsa_go1011d ago

I remember that! It made me realize we needed a new console generation. haha

BlackIceJoe1011d ago

I know not the same thing, but Prey 2 was the closest we got to a cool Cyberpunk game. It is sad to think, because Bethesda got greedy that game never got to come out and Human Head Studios didn't get to grow as a studio too.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1011d ago

Cyberpunk 2077 will probably satiate your thirst for Cyberpunk games. CDPR is supposed to show gameplay at E3 this year. So stoked.

1011d ago
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