Crackdown 3 Has Been Rated in Brazil, Suggesting Release Is Near

Crackdown 3, the open world game for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One, has been rated in Brazil suggesting that its release date is now near.

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codelyoko232d ago

This should be less crappy than Sea of Thieves I reckon.

Adexus232d ago

Definitely, recently went back to playing the first one on my X, still amazing fun to play.

Nodoze232d ago

The first one WAS amazing. This one is going to be a 6.5 - 7 experience TOPS. If it was great MS would have been broadcasting from the mountain top and singing it's praises. Instead.....SILENCE.

The_Jackel232d ago

2nd one was shit though. will have to see how 3 turns out hopefully back to its roots like the first one.

Suave_Langosta232d ago

Why did you get disagrees?

How I see the n4g commuinity...

*sees Opinions that aren’t my own* AAARRGGHHHH f**k you!!!

hamburgerhill232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

"2nd one was shit though."

Different developer and slapped together within a few months. People seem to think that Xbox is known for bad games when that's not the case. Rare (for example) has made many good games on Xbox and will again. Crackdown 3 will hopefully have a big showing at e3.

Bobafret232d ago

I spend so much time setting up a chain of explosions.

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PhantomS42232d ago

Fingers crossed but online only, the lack of footage in the last trailer, and it's constant delays and silence has me thinking it's not going to be so great.

jokerisalive232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

already confirmed its NOT online only. There is an OFFLINE SP CAMPAIGN and the MP mode. The destruction in the campaign is limited as opposed to the online mode.The MP is a 4 player co op mode and then the third mode is an online Destruction mode where the city is destructible against the other team you face if i remember correctly.

PhantomS42232d ago


Hence the online only. If you want the thing they are marketing as the major feature of the game they cheaped out and made it online only. Just like Gears of War 4's horde mode is online only. It's a cheap tactic to control players and show that the original "online only system" was a good idea.

jokerisalive232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

I dont care about the MP as much as the campaign. I think its still good we get SP, MP COOP and Destruction mode whereas other consoles dont always include MP in alot of there big games. So at least we get some options either way and makes the purchase worth it more to me at least. The original was and still is to me one of the best games I have played in terms of having fun and I dont expect this one to rewrite the formula just keep me entertained like the first one did. Yeah I have to say their original Draconian ONLINE ONLY VISION was a BIG mistake and they paid the price buy losing alot of fans to PS4. They would kill themselves completely if they ever decided to be stupid and go back to dictating to players about shit like that especially when Sony keeps dropping great SP OFFLINE CAMPAIGN DRIVEN GEMS like God of War and Horizon. MS is noticing how good those games are being received thats why Phil keeps praising Sony for their efforts and hopefully its making him wake the hell up and realize GAAS is BS and we NEED more SP OFFLINE games with good story and they need to take the risks like Sony has the balls to do with it paying off for them BIGTIME. They are being RAPED globally and its justifiable with the mediocre game efforts they have put out this gen. I will gladly support CD3 as well as SOD2 because they have OFFLINE SP components to them and I would hope MS pushes that more going forward looking at the critical reception GOW is getting. If not then he really is BRAINDEAD and I wont be gaming on Xbox much longer. Sorry for the long rant.

TheCommentator232d ago

- They went quiet after showing off the online tech in order to work on the campaign. I'm surprised you don't know that.
- The delays were because CD3 was actually pioneering the engine used for Cloud compute, not just building the game, so most of the development time and delay is in the Cloudgine engine. It was after the announcement that Cloudgine was complete that Epic bought the company and the campaign was started.
- The campaign, if it's like the first two, will not be very heavily story driven because they designed them to be more about exploration instead. Who knows what the third entry will offer in that regard, but I would like to see an actual story this time. Either way though, blowing crap up is always good fun!

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bluefox755232d ago

Can't be any worse, right?

Relientk77232d ago

I wouldn't expect much based off the gameplay they've shown off for Crackdown 3 so far

-Foxtrot232d ago

If it comes out near Red Dead Redemption 2 then God help it.

It'll be a repeat of Microsoft releasing Alan Wake right next to the first Red Dead

1Victor232d ago

Better be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than sea of thieves after been delay several times Microsoft need a wining first party game

xX-oldboy-Xx232d ago

Don't get your hope's up. They dragged in Terry crews, never a good sign. I feel sorry for Terry.

SierraGuy231d ago (Edited 231d ago )

Straight to games pass for our Xbox friends. I'm assuming cloud is heavily involved in the streaming process Wow. I'd play it. Looks cool and like they said polished. Awesome.

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ccgr232d ago

Haven't played the first 2

maybelovehate232d ago

First game was amazing, second game was kind of a let down. But if you like to destroy things and feel like a bad ass, they are very enjoyable games.

chaos-emeralds232d ago

Yeah really enjoyed the 1st game. Playing it on X is pretty good, and thought if they can nail the 3rd like that then it'll be a riot.

Concertoine232d ago

I think crackdown 1 is kind of ahead of its time with its open-endedness.

It's reminiscent of BOTW in that way.

Araragifeels 232d ago

The first Crackdown was great but the second Crackdown is bad, especially that the original dev studio was closed down so 2 was done by a another Studio.

Cajun Chicken232d ago

What Crackdown did first, games like Prototype, Infamous, Saints Row 4 and Sunset Overdrive did better. But Crackdown was one of those turning point games that proved that sandbox games in cities, didn't have to be mission based like GTA and superhero games, or games with superhero abilities didn't have to be licensed. That is why people didn't really like Crackdown 2, myself included. Prototype and Infamous started expanding upon what you could do with core Crackdown 1 gameplay and Crackdown 2, was just more of the same with a disappointing zombie premise and rebels, a strange base capture mechanic instead of the focus on gangs.

Crackdown is still a great game because of your agent evolving and evolving as you play, being able to jump higher, cause bigger explosions, run faster, etc, by either taking out gang bosses or just using the abilities provided, the best part personally was hopping around listening for the whirling sound of agility orbs and increasing your specs faster. I've played Crackdown 1 again quite recently with the patch for XO and I can honestly say that it's a case of red rose tinted glasses, it's good, very memorable but it has been bettered.

Hopefully Crackdown 3 takes the superhero sandbox back again, because personally, Saints Row 4 really took the crown for me, straight after Prototype did.

Alexious232d ago

Prototype was a great game for sure. I wish they did a remake or something!

zombiewombie232d ago

Hulk ultimate destruction came before prototype. Prototype is essentially a reskin of that game.

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Deathdeliverer232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Looks like the Xbox feather in the cap is on the way. I hope it delivers on fun and the hype is warranted. A real exclusive game experience is well past due. Sea of thieves came and went but it’s not a traditional “game”. (Yet at least) Crackdown will fill that void. Hopefully there’s a demo or beta. I can’t pull the trigger on it day one after the development hell it’s been through and radio silence. This will also mark the first time I know of where the “Power of the cloud” will be used for anything outside of drivatars. It was talked about since before the Xbox launch and it will be interesting to see the results of all these years. If it does deliver, my Xbox will be spinning the disc.

BLAKHOODe232d ago

Crackdown 3 will be available day-1 thru GamePass, which is only $10/month. So I doubt there will be a demo.

BeardedDrachen232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

HAHAHA.... Oh wait... you were serious... I’m sorry.

Araragifeels 232d ago

He means Downgrade of the year that may not be approaching since it might be delay.

badz149231d ago


I don't think it's possible to downgrade Crackdown 3 any further based on what has been shown. I mean graphics-wise it looks already outdated. but if by downgrade you mean the cloud-based destruction thing, I think you might have a point

The_Jackel232d ago

your late god of war already came out, or you talking spiderman or Detroit becom human or red dead 2?

Dragonscale232d ago

It'll be lucky to get game of the week lol. It would only be goty on xbone.

badz149231d ago

GoTY on Xbone? LOL since when do 3rd party games skipping the Xbone to give Crackdown 3 a shot at GoTY on Xbone?

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