Octopath Traveler demo downloaded over 1.3 million times worldwide - Nintendo Everything

Square Enix confirmed at the end of January that the Octopath Traveler demo had been downloaded over one million times. That number has since climbed to 1.3 million, the company announced this week. The news was tucked away in the announcement for the Octopath Traveler Official Soundtrack.

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Fullmetalevolust183d ago

The demo was great, it had an engaging story, fun turn based combat and an amazing soundtrack. This game will be a gem.

Asuka183d ago

Had a good time with demo playing the two characters that were offered. Can't wait for release.

michellelynn0976183d ago

It should be an awesome game.

Neonridr182d ago

excited to try out some of the other characters..

Segata183d ago

The story is really mature in the demo. They are more personal than global. That music is amazing! So far the best OST I heard this year.

Madmoose183d ago (Edited 183d ago )

The soundtrack is definitely what got me. Absolutely love(d) what I heard from the game. And even though the 2D sprites and colors might throw off or fool some from it's pretty racy and mature story & themes that lie beneath

Neonridr182d ago

don't know why they would throw people off. I actually found the graphics to be refreshing and totally unique. It's games that do things differently that are remembered, not ones that just try to follow everyone else.

Madmoose182d ago

Not saying that they are bad or anyrhing dude. Just saying rhat people may just look at it first glance like many of the retro inspired games out there & not realize thar when they start playing it how sadisisticly dark & deceptively more intricate the dialogue & story were seeming to go.

Neonridr181d ago

@Madmoose - fair enough, I see what you mean.