How Does PlayStation Succeed?

With the release of God of War and its industry-wide critical praise, We at Culture of Gaming been thinking about what PlayStation has done over the past 5 years.

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AspiringProGenji181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

because they deliver their promises and don't talk to much. Back in 204 when PS4 had its slow start everyone was questioning them because they would not say much, and the ''PS4 has no games'' joke was at its peak back them. Shuhei once said, ''Silence is gold.'' That was taken as an excuse for their slow start, but Shuhei knew very well what he was saying. it only took two and a half years to pick up and spoil us with games starting with Bloodborne, the highest exclusive of current gen game in its time. And look at how far we've got with God of War and yet 3 more AAA on the way for this year.

They are the very opposite to the competition: No talk, much action, and no twisted priorities.

DigitalRaptor180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

The thing is, PlayStation has been known for taking some years to build up its quality exclusive lineup in a generation.

Back in the same year that PS4 launched, Sony was still supporting the PS3 with games like:
- God of War: Ascension
- The Last of Us
- MLB 13: The Show
- Puppeteer
- Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
- Beyond: Two Souls
- Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
- Gran Turismo 6

(and that was just the retail games)

Even the Vita had a notable year of dedicated first-party support in 2013:
- Killzone Mercenary
- Tearaway
- Soul Sacrifice

2013 was one of the most productive years from Sony's studios and partners, so I don't know how people expected more than what we got in the first couple of years of the PS4. The same might be said for the early PS5 lineup, unless Sony has found some magical way to increase productivity twofold. Sony has also been giving their studios a long amount of pre-production time to make some high quality and ambitious games and new IPs for PS4, which is why it took so long for them to release off the back of the PS3 as well (getting used to x86 too).

I'm very much anticipating the cycle repeating itself and the wilfully ignorant from piping up yet again without context.

indysurfn178d ago

But Microsoft says we want SERVICES!

trooper_179d ago

They listen to gamers, period.

No company is perfect but Sony places gamers first. They know how to entice and excite customers.

I've never been happier with my PS4. There's always unique games available to play.

indysurfn178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Microsoft says services are better than listening to gamers. Who wants more service! I know lets RENT to NEVER own. (sarcasm kidding)

The_Hooligan179d ago

Sony succeeds because of the talent of their 1st party studios. Also we cant forget 3rd party developers too because even though Bloodborne was Sony exclusive it was made by a 3rd party studio. The new Spiderman game is being made by Insomniac which is a 2nd party studio. Obviously there is no point of talking about 1st party studios because they are always top notch. So what I am trying to say is Sony succeeds because of the talents of all the developers making stellar games. And I hope all the developers making games on all the platforms keep making amazing games because at the end of the day as a gamer I want quality games.

PhoenixUp181d ago

Why look at only the past 5 years? Just look at the past 23 years to see how PlayStation is consistently able to find success in the console space as that’ll paint a far clearer picture.

submarinna181d ago

the answer is one of the most easiest answers in the world : They produce amazing video games that are timeless. always.

SegaGamer180d ago

Because they aren't console's that cater to one or two demographic's. I always feel that Playstation consoles are the easy choice for gamer's because they give you a lot of everything.

Nintendo has always been about targeting the Japanese audience and kids.
Microsoft goes for the western audience and adult gamers.
Sony mixes them all up and gives you a bit of everything.

Sony's concept is actually very simple, it's no surprise that it works.

DigitalRaptor180d ago

It prioritizes game over service.
It prioritizes art over product.
It invests in the areas that truly matter to the gamer.
And it focuses on the globe and not just a limited demographic.

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