The Last of Us now runs on the PC thanks to the Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3

The team behind the best Playstation 3 emulator, RPCS3, has shared a new video, showing The Last Of Us running on the emulator. What’s really cool here is that while some people were able to go in-game in the previous version of RPCS3, the latest version appears to have greatly improved performance.

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MrVux000206d ago

It (emulator) is progressing quite nicely. Tho (as always) i would recommend avoiding the comment sections of both the videos and the articles concerning RPCS3.

I_am_Batman205d ago

Too bad it takes so long to get it into a playable state. My day one fat PS3 just got it's 3rd YLOD. Getting tired of needing to repair it all the time. I was planning to replay all the old GoW games. Would've been nice to have a working emulator now. Hopefully the PS5 will be backwards compatible.

MrVux000205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Not sure what is up with the dislikes, but yes it is very likely that PS5 will be B/C, thus removing the need of wating for emulators.

kneon205d ago


The PS5 will probably be backwards compatible with the PS4, but not likely with the PS3.

fewDankMemes205d ago (Edited 205d ago )


There are many people on this website that don't like the fact that Microsoft has Backwards Compatibility, so whenever anyone thinks that it would be a good thing for Sony to have it, they have to hit the down vote button because they create the excuse that its "not actually a wanted feature, because they'd rather play new games".. Ahh. The logical thinking of fanboys. /s

The_Jackel204d ago

its not that they would say no to BC, its coz ps4 is actually getting games to play that BC isn't really needed, it is a nice feature to have. its not like PS4 doesn't have BC as i recall it having ps2 games on it

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Team_Litt206d ago

Framerate as smooth as peanut butter... Chunky peanut butter with whole peanuts.

starchild205d ago

Well, that's how it always starts. Look at PS2 emulation on the PC now.

GamesMaster1982205d ago

Yeah that shit barley works right now also. After all these years. Hell mabe in the year 2550 they might have the PS3 emulater running a full game without hickups. Until then ill stick with my old consoles and the dirt price these old games cost than a pain in the arse emulator.

OoglyBoogly205d ago


You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Also, it's barely not barley...we're not emulating beer.

Ju205d ago

Actually, not so much this one, but the other one running Demon Souls @ 4K impressed me more. They seem to use an SPU re-compiler. Interesting idea. With that in place, I can see them succeeding eventually. Just depends how long it takes to fix all those edge cases. With that in place - and if it can achieve 100% coverage - there should not be a performance issued emulating PS3 games on modern HW.

Marcello205d ago

I gave up on emu`s years ago. They just take so long to make. The PS2 emu is still in development after 15 years & i still have to jump thru hoops to get something running right. If you want to play The Last of US in full HD 60fps just buy the PS4 version works perfectly.

OoglyBoogly205d ago

What games? Every PS2 game I've played works just fine. You people are liars and anti-emulation and just want to spread FUD. That or go try again instead of the last time you tried 10 years ago.

maybelovehate205d ago

Just buy a game you already own... great advice lol

205d ago
gapecanpie205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Not saying you lying but I would really like to know what games you are having problems with cause I have had zero issues with running ps2, Dreamcast, n64 and gamecube and all of the old 2D systems.... The only system I have some problems with is the original xbox as far as the older systems go....

BenRC01204d ago

Emulators are just technical challenges to overcome. Surely no one uses them for actual gaming?

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badz149205d ago

is the PC required for this cheaper than the PS3 itself?

Cobra951205d ago

If you already have a good game PC, the additional cost is zero.

letsa_go205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

If you need to purchase a pc, then this isn't for you.

MrVux000205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Taking into consideration the bare *minimum* requirements it takes to start up the emulator ( the answer is a definite...


KTF26205d ago

Assuming no one have a PC and all people have to buy a new PC for emulation

2pacalypsenow205d ago

It's cheaper to buy a PS3 or even a PS4 to play this.

it wont be playable for a long time.

Ju205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I am not so interested in this getting released on PC - I don't care. With all the troubles to jump through hoops to the the other parts, like firmware, the disk (image) and what not, I rather don't bother. But the tech is interesting. Things I'd have thought would take longer and require more HW grunt seem to become pretty feasible. So much, that I hope Sony and these guys can come to an agreement and built this into the PS5 (or even the PS4 - but there, the Jaguar cores are probably to slow in single core performance to beat the PPC). Next gen, though, that would work.

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ShadowWolf712205d ago

This here is why I headdesk every time someone insists Sony could easily do BC with PS3 on PS4.

Its taken THIS LONG to get this game running on PC via emulator, PCs with higher specs than a PS4 no less, PCs with high-end desktop CPUs, and look how it plays. Y'all think something with a Jag would run that better?

It ain't like it's just Sony not wanting to press the button, the PS4 literally cannot process like the Cell.

kevnb205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Your arguments are meaningless considering this dev team wouldn't have the inside knowledge sony does, the manpower (they are a small team of less than 10 developers) and these developers all have actual jobs. With a good sized dev team 100% focused on creating an emulator specifically for the ps4 hardware it wouldn't take that long, heck it only took 5 years for this small team to make one for pc in their spare time.

ShadowWolf712205d ago

You're completely missing the point.

This isn't about time or ease, this is about HARDWARE.

They are trying to Brute Force this right now, have been for years, and with a massive 8 core CPU. And they still can't do it.

This is not something you can feasibly emulate with a weak processor like a Jag. Period.

kevnb205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

you aren't making any sense, do you think current gen games would run on the ps4 cpu in a windows environment? There is vastly much less overhead on the cpu in consoles than pc, especially when nvidia and amd aren't writing driver optimizations for emulators...

zaherdab205d ago

With their resources ... their knowledge fhe system it would have been much easier for them then for enthusiasts working on for free...
Even if ps4 hardware cant just run it yet they should at least be putting time and effort into this for ps5 so that libraries transfer over otherwise when all ur ps3 store purchase will die with the system and they will discontinue distributing them via the ps store if they cant still sell them and profit.

ShadowWolf712205d ago

Uhh, who says they're not gonna do it for the PS5? That's gonna depend on what the specs of that system are though. Again, the Cell is a very weird-but-powerful little thing.

zaherdab205d ago

No one said they will or they wont ... but they should and gamers should ask for it and let them know they care to keep their digital libraries acessible.

Prince_TFK205d ago

Any reason as to why the X1 can emulate the X360 perfectly while the PS4 can’t with the PS3?

gapecanpie205d ago

Remastered and HD ports is all Sony care about..... They could easily have PS3 games bc with PS4 but they won't do that cause they already wasted money on buying Gaikai (PlayStation now)

OpenGL205d ago

It's pretty impressive that it's this far along but we're still a few years from it being a good alternative to playing the game on a console.

kevnb205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

might be closer than that, depends how much cpus improve as well. I figure this must be one of the hardest games to emulate and its already nearly playable, I wonder what specs they are using in the video.

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