Dissidia: Final Fantasy Is Also A Downloadable PSP Game?

Siliconera writes: "Sony Computer Entertainment Japan plans to populate the PlayStation Store with first party games the same day they appear in stores for a lower price. Every first party PSP game is getting a dual release treatment. Third party games don't seem to be picking up this strategy yet, opting for digitally distributed re-releases on the PlayStation Store at a later date. However, Siliconera reader Tristan made an interesting discovery and sent us a tip (thanks!!). In Sony's TGS 2008 line up Dissidia: Final Fantasy is listed for sale as disc (i.e. UMD disc) / download. Huh? This could be a mistake from a marketing department or leaked information about a digital copy of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. While we're waiting for Square Enix USA to localize Dissidia: Final Fantasy importers could get easy access to the Japanese version directly from the PlayStation Store."

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pwnsause3654d ago

didnt sony stated that UMD games will be available for download starting next year? it makes sense from a Business standpoint and Hardware standpoint. Anything thats portable should not be crippled by disc usage, and the bandwidth in our internet connections is enough to download UMD based games.

Now BD based games and BD based movies on the other hand, is just not possible yet. quality between Blu-ray disc and Downloads are huge. until our bandwidth has enough power to download BLu-ray based games and movies, then we can say Downloads can overtake BD. but its not for the next 7-10 years. our Broadband lines need to be replaced with Fiber optic lines, and i mean as a standard not a Verizon exclusive.

DarkBlood3653d ago

sony duo stick card prices would have to go down a bit if this becomes more use