Far Cry 5 Review | Quarter to Three

Tom Chick - "Glorious emergent chaos in the company of well written and energetically vulgar characters populating a lovely corner of America. With occasional interruptions by tiresome cult leaders."

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DarkVoyager206d ago

A perfect score for Quarter to Three? This can’t be right.

Aceman18206d ago

FC5 is a good game more like high 8s to low to mid 9s, GoW definitely has no shot at a great score from this DB now haha

coolbeans205d ago

You know he is capable of loving some games, right?

DarkVoyager205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Except Tom Chick is the worst reviewer in the game industry.

Just a few of his trash reviews.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - 3/5
Uncharted 2 - 3/5
Uncharted 3 - 2/5
Forza Horizon 2 - 1/5
Halo 4 - 1/5

coolbeans205d ago

I find that to be a trash opinion, esp. in the context of modern game reviewing atm. He knows he take more interesting angles than what you'd find on IGN or other shills.

"Just a few of his trash reviews.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - 3/5
Uncharted 2 - 3/5"

Just so we're clear: you understand that rating system is based upon his subjective viewpoint of 'liking' the thing, right? And a 3/5 for his grading rubric equals out to "yeah, I liked that game" but more reserved in his enthusiasm. It's not meant to be taken as some measurement of objectivity. The same line of logic will fall to his 2/5 (didn't like) and 1/5 (hated) scores. And history sure hasn't been kind to either UC3's shameless photocopying of its predecessor; nor has it been kind to Halo 4/10. On bad days, I'd be tempted to give it that same score based his criteria: the campaign was a step down from Reach/3/etc., Spartan Ops still suffered framerate issues when I got the GOTY edition a year later, and the multiplayer+Forge lost their luster.

Today, I see it as a bigger insult in 'gamez journalism' with Uncharted 3 and Halo 4 being considered for GOTY nominations than someone judging them harshly.

MasterCornholio206d ago

I guess that insider who claimed it would get a 6/10 from this publication was fake.

coolbeans206d ago


There's an insider trying to keep track of this guy's scores? Why?

HeisenbergX206d ago

Quarter to Three you are a joke