Best upcoming games of 2018 [Updated April 21st]

The year 2017 may not have been, oh so good for the world in general but for gamers it was awesome. With games like Hellblade, Prey, Nier Automata, the industry is stronger than ever. For this year too, a number of highly anticipated titles are expected. Here's our list of best upcoming games.

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AnkitDanger182d ago

red dead redemption 2 is the only game that I'm interested in

NapalmSanctuary181d ago

Yall forgot Dreams. Can't wait to get my hands on that game.

gamer7804181d ago

RDR2, Detroit Become Human, Rise of the Tombraider are what I'm looking forward to, darksiders 3 will be good to, I'll play it when I get around to it.

stokedAF181d ago

My next games are Donkey Kong, Detroit and Jurassic Park evolution.

Cyborgg181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Spider-man, Detroit: Become Human, RDR2, Tomb Raider, Lost Soul Aside, Soul Caliber 6, and Bayonetta 3.

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