God Of War Review:Gaming Route

God Of War is an Epic PS4 Exclusive Game, and It’s the highest rated PlayStation 4 Exclusive Yet. It has been 5 years since the last God Of War Game. God Of War Games is best known for their violence and action. God Of War has Changed A lot with its combat.

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BeardedDrachen233d ago

Per the article:
Only Con: Change of Pace..
I personally think this is a good thing.

AnkitDanger233d ago

it's a bit annoying for some players

BeardedDrachen233d ago

I think there is a good balance between being in combat with enemies and exploring the map, along with a balance of the 'cutscenes'.

OffRoadKing233d ago

Agreed, I think the pacing is really good, especially with the new direction they took for the game. You need those calm before the storm moments.