Ex-Ubisoft creative director says that every online shooter will have a BR mode within a year

Alex Hutchinson, former creative director at Ubisoft Montreal who has worked in triple-A games like Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3, claimed that pretty much all online shooters will feature a battle-royale mode within a year.

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porkChop272d ago

If it fits and actually suits the game, fine. But don't just shoehorn BR into everything. Remember when every game got a tacked-on multiplayer mode? It didn't work then either.

I see shooters maybe going the route of Darwin Project, where it's a smaller scale BR. COD isn't doing 100-player BR at 60fps. Battlefield won't be able to do that either.

Profchaos271d ago

Battlefield might be the only major fps I can think of that could pull it off. But agree with what you're saying I hated seeing mp modes shoe horned into games like tomb raider it made trophy hunts a grind it impossible

execution17271d ago

Ghost Recon Wildlands can probably pull it off minus the drones and gadgets


I wouldnt bet on ghost recon, they have not proved their engines to push large player counts like frostbite can at 60fps on console. If battlefield tried to do a PUBG clone BR, it would prob destroy PUBG on console at least. 60fps, better graphics, better gunplay, more variety and last but not least... DESTRUCTION!

Father__Merrin271d ago

Battlefield could pull off a 64 player map at 60fps but BR mode needs a huge map. With 100 players the visuals have to be toned down.

Flash point could have a BR mode

C-H-E-F271d ago

Spec Ops The Line, was a game that was forced to have mp in it, and we see how that turned out the devs didn't even want this in the game, it was supposed to be a single player game,

porkChop271d ago

Yup, it happened with Tomb Raider as well.

ZaWarudo272d ago

Here we go again... every few years we get these popular genres and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon for easy money.

sprinterboy271d ago

Agreed, pisses me right off.

Suave_Langosta271d ago

While true that is commercialism my friend. Not saying I support it, but it’s the times we live.

morganfell272d ago

So according to past predictions, every game on the phones (since they completely killed off consoles and the PC) will have a free to play BR mode. Feel free to add other past "predictions".

JEECE271d ago

I see what you are saying, but I think you are conflating predictions of what people will try vs what will actually succeed. Because a lot of people actually did try to make mobile games, it just didn't take off as some predicted. Same thing with free to play, and other dumb predictions. This will be the same; a bunch of games will rush to add BR, and most will be unsuccessful with it.

morganfell271d ago

Not really. I am simply tossing this prediction onto the trash heap of past assurances that turned to dust. The flood of articles here concerning phones destroying traditional gaming platforms was unbelievable. It didn't just take off as some predicted but rather crashed despite what many predicted. The same with free to play. And this will happen with BR modes as well. Not every game will have such a mode. In fact most games won't have such a mode. All online shooters will have BR? That's a little much. Perhaps he is formerly a AAA dev for a reason. Plenty of people that worked on high profile games are full of it and themselves.

gyggyg271d ago

You're still conflating the distinction JEECE brought up in his comment. There's a difference of predictions of what people will try doing, and predictions of what will succeed. The predictions surrounding the increase in mobile games was true, that's just a fact that has nothing to do with whether it was successful or not. The prediction that mobile gaming would kill consoles was false, because that is a prediction about the success of mobile gaming.

I.e. you're talking about the prediction that mobile gaming would have succeeded and killed off consoles/pc; but there was the other prediction that simply said "there will be so many more mobile games".

The dev here is merely predicting that more and more games will incorporate BR modes. That prediction doesn't necessarily hinge on whether they are successful with it: they could all suck and nobody would want to play them, but the prediction that more and more games will have BR could remain true.

morganfell271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

You are distorting the truth of what I stated. You have been here since 2013. You should be well aware of all the "consoles are doomed" articles that appeared on a weekly basis. There were endless discussions about the rendering power of new phones. They didn't state there would be a rise in mobile games. They said consoles would be dead. Those two ideas are leagues apart. Dead vs rise. Not even remotely the same thing. That was the major prediction we were seeing and the one to which I was referring.

And you are wrong with this remark, "The dev here is merely predicting that more and more games will incorporate BR modes." No he isn't. Look at the lead in. "... pretty much all online shooters will feature a battle-royale mode within a year"

"...pretty much all..."

"More and more" vs "pretty much all". Not even remotely the same thing. Do you not see how You keep saying "More and more" and I am referring to absolutes as in, "phones will kill consoles" and "pretty much all". I am not the one attempting to combine two disparate ideas.

firefly69272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

This is very stupid but publishers want to cash in on this wave and they know that most brain dead gamers will follow unfortunately.

ChrisW271d ago

Some online shooters just simply aren't made for a good/enjoyable BR mode...

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