Does Hellblade on Xbox One X deliver the definitive console experience?

Already one of the most eye-catching titles to use Unreal Engine 4, Ninja Theory adapts Hellblade for Xbox One and X. The enhanced console gets the most options - with enriched, frame-rate and resolution modes. Tom explains the pros and cons of each, and how it stacks against PS4 Pro.

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Kribwalker177d ago

“It certainly impressed on PS4 and PC when it debuted in late 2017, and with the recently released Xbox One X version, we have the best console version of the game bar none.”

well that answers the question

Aceman18177d ago

I'll play it from my backlog on Pro once I'm all caught up on what I'm playing.

AAWELLS09176d ago

Ok thanks appreciate the update on where you'll be playing this.

Sm00thNinja177d ago

You'd hope so on my powerful hardware and coming a year later...

177d ago
Sgt_Slaughter177d ago

Definitive Console Graphics Experience*

Aenea177d ago

*for now

You never know what the future holds...

TheCommentator176d ago

Actually I do. Better, more capable HW. It always happens in the future, and after the PS5 is the Xbox2, then the 5 Pro and the 2X, and so on and so forth.

For now... 1X is the pinnacle of fidelity in console gaming, can't you just let it be?

maybelovehate177d ago

Pretty impressed how closely it hits 60fps. With a freesync monitor it should be almost perfect in that regard.

maybelovehate177d ago

No to what? It shows the frame rate right there. Barely goes under 60 and the few times it does freesync will smooth it out. Not saying it is as good as pc. Or do you just like to read things into stuff

Cyborgg177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

NO. The PC version still looks the best to me imho

Madmoose177d ago

Yeeeeeah, but they clearly state that it's the definitive CONSOLE version. Which it CLEARLY. And something that you obviously missed in your rush to downplay it lol.

Cyborgg177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

No need to downplay since there's really no competition. Maybe if the One X came out in 2013 with better exclusives than the competitors it probably would have been a different outcome. It's not worth to buy a $500 dollar console with a little better graphics (Casual gamers won't notice the difference) and less exclusives imo.

maybelovehate177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Who said it wasn’t? I surely bought it on Steam myself. Just saying for a lowly console it is impressive.

TheCommentator176d ago

@ Cyborgg

"No need to downplay"

Are you talking to yourself? Your OP is the one "downplaying", and it was you who "needed" to come in here just to ignore the article in order to do it. Why don't you explain to us how the PC has the definitive console version of Hellblade?

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OffRoadKing177d ago

Definitive resolution, not experience.

timotim177d ago

That's an interesting new angle. I'm your response (and no surprise), you imply that the definitive console experience lies somewhere else...tell me, what qualifies PS4 Pro for such a title iyo?

OffRoadKing177d ago

I never implied anything. The experience is the same, the only difference is resolution it does not fundamentally change the game in any way shape or form, by your response, (and no surprise) you dont get that.

Madmoose177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Yeah for real. Especially since I have heard & been told that sound plays a HUGE part in this game. And given the fact that the X (I'm pretty sure) is the first console to have dat Dolby Atmos, that potentially adds another huge difference to that version outside of the significant resolution & usual aesthetic stuff.

It honestly just looks like people splitting hairs, downplaying & hating on the product. Especially with all the sudden PC siding whenever the X and it's clear advantages are mentioned. As when you look, most that rush to bring up PC are CLEARLY not PC gaming given they talk consoles 23/7. And reserving that one hour for articles such as these.

timotim177d ago

Even if that was the case (i have no idea if it is or isn't), isn't resolution apart of how one experiences the game? If all it was, was resolution and X has the better resolution, wouldn't that make it the superior version, even if all else were the same?

OffRoadKing177d ago

If superiority comes from resolution alone wouldn't that make the PC version the superior version? A game should never be defined by how sharp the picture is, but until PS5 comes out and we can do away with these silly "definitive" articles, I'm sure there will be many more of them.

maybelovehate177d ago

According to the video, it runs better on Xbox One X. So it would be a better experience. But yeah, we are talking consoles here.. Playing for second place.

Kribwalker177d ago

with a better locked framerate i’d say it’s the better experience

Madmoose177d ago

Yeah, very true if that is true. Unless a locked framerate is somehow inconsequential and a negative now.

timotim177d ago

Well...first and foremost, it says definitive CONSOLE version. I believe they are talking about consoles here. And no, if we were including the PC version too, wouldn't that depend on what PC one has??? If your PC can't do 4k, but X can, then X would be superior to that PC in this case, no?

And why is it that you want to do away with these articles only until PS5 comes out? Is it because that's when you're going to start caring again and shouting Sony's superiority?

TheRealHeisenberg177d ago

One could already shout claims of Sony "console" superiority based on quality and quantity of exclusives alone so no need to wait for PS5. With that said, X1X clearly has the best console version of this game and some just can't seem to accept that while they (myself included) should be totally consumed with the masterpiece that is GoW.

OffRoadKing177d ago

Never said I wanted to do away with them I said the presence of PS5 will do away with them, and I'm sure it will do away with a lot of commenters on N4G, yourself included. Sony already is the superior console where it counts, good try though timtom.

TheRealHeisenberg177d ago

So what are the disagrees for? Are they for Sony's console dominance so far this generation or are they for the X1X having the definitive "console" version of this game?

Kiwi66177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Somehow don't think that the PS5 will change anything as more than likely sites will just continue with the comparison articles

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