Xbox Games with Gold May 2018 Lineup Announced

"Well the announcement is a little early but if you’re wondering what games will grace Games with Gold with their presence in May 2018 we have your answer."

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Team_Litt182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

Not bad. I've played both the AAA titles and baseball isn't my thing so I guess Streets of Rage will get the download.
Edit: Is it me or does GwG almost always leave the "better games" for the second half of month?

Septic182d ago

Good month. I didn't really warm to MGS at all though tbh. Vanquish I've been wanting to try for a while

neutralgamer1992182d ago

vanquish is legit but short like 4-5 hours

SolidGear3182d ago

You'll love Vanquish. I got it and Fallout: New Vegas at a midnight launch for both in 2010. Hoping for a sequel someday.

VenomUK182d ago

I don’t know, calling Streets of Rage an Xbox 360 game feels like a bit of a let down. It’s a Sega Megadrive early 90s game - great for the time though.

Lennoxb63182d ago

I love Baseball games when they're unrealistic. Can't stand the sport as a whole though.

AnkitDanger181d ago

dude you are lucky your getting it on the release date

lxeasy182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

MGS and Vanquish this is definitely a great month for Games with Gold

franwex182d ago

Wow. This is a rather good month. I own both mgsv and vanquish on PlayStation platforms and those two are the highlights. Definitely check them out if you guys have yet to play them!

monkey602182d ago

Does the fact metal Gear was part of game Pass for so long detract from the offering of it on GWG for anybody else?

gamer7804182d ago

For some maybe. But games can always leave games pass at anytime and u won't be able to redownload

welly300182d ago

Yeah cos if u have pass ur most likely to have gold so no point really.

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The story is too old to be commented.