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God of War 4 is the latest reboot for the ever-popular God of War franchise, and while the internet has made plenty of jokes about this title being more of a glorified escort quest, with the name of Son of War. Even with these jokes, everyone has come to the general consensus that this is one of the strongest titles to have ever hit the PS4 during its lifespan.

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Gamist2dot0178d ago

Damn. 10 of War strikes again.
Back to gaming.

SuperSonic91178d ago

The faces Atreus makes when pissed of are amazingly human like.

jorellpogi178d ago

This game is a visual feast. SSM should release the Photo Mode ASAP :)

SuperSonic91178d ago

I mean the PS4s graphical capabilities really shine and keeps getting better.
I will never be board of rowing that boat while sight seeing. LoL

AspiringProGenji178d ago

I started with the highest difficulty and couldn’t get passed the very first encounter without dying a 12 times... this combat is much better than I thought and the AI is brutal. I had to restart and select the third difficulty mode. I am sorry now, need to be better

TKCMuzzer178d ago

Your not alone, God Of War on its hardest settings has always been a challenge.

PhantomS42177d ago

Even on the "balanced" setting, the fights are ruthless. So easy to get too greedy when dishing damage and get slaughtered because of it. Also learning to leave the health drops for strategic purposes helps.

Sm00thNinja178d ago

This game alone imo makes PS4 the best console since the N64. Sony has spoiled us this generation.