This is the coolest video you'll see this weekend, ten 16-bit games re-imagined as 3D retro games

Bitplex has released an incredible video, showing ten beloved 16-bit games re-imagined as 3D retro games. And let me tell you that this is the coolest and most retro video you’ll see this weekend.

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letsa_go274d ago

That was cool! I'd like to see a 3D game with pixel art like this!

letsa_go273d ago

That is definitely on my to-play list, as I didn't have a ps3 last gen. I keep having images in my head of this lovely pixel art scene, then it pans to reveal that it actually a 3d scene, done in pixel art. I wish I had the talent to make it a real thing!

kungfuian274d ago (Edited 274d ago )


I'll pay hard cash for that Super Metroid 3D!

BenjaMan64274d ago

Awesome. Thanks for sharing.

TheRacingX273d ago

Aladdin would be cool re-imagined....great game period,

Retroman269d ago

DEVLOPERS actully able to create games in 3d . even these title with tweak would look FANTASTIC in 64 bit or higher. street of rage,contra,battle arena toshinden? yes sir.