Floor Kids Review – Get It on The Floor I The Koalition

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes: Music and city culture almost always go hand-in-hand with each other, which is greatly exaggerated in Floor Kids in the best ways. If you have an affinity for hip-hop music or grew up with the urban lifestyle around you, then you’ll appreciate the visuals and fun nods found throughout the game. Whether you were a b-boy back in the day or witnessed people break into stylish dance on the city streets, Floor Kids has a fun interpretation of that you will love. But the real star of this game is the music itself, which is fantastic and compliments the visuals in nearly every way. You’ll definitely feel the beat and get down with the rhythm once you start playing.

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rbailey276d ago

Definitely will consider checking this out once I get through some other titles.