He Who Fights With Monsters: How 'God of War III' Failed Kratos as a Character

God of War III is a phenomenal game. Its pulse-pounding boss battles with characters we learned about in grade school, its insane set-pieces that redefine the term itself, and its jaw-dropping graphics that still hold up today mark it as one of the best games ever released on the PlayStation 3 and undoubtedly the best game in the series. However, it does have one very big problem: its plot.

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PhoenixUp276d ago

Pandora isn’t the only redeeming factor for Kratos.

- He expresses much disgust at the torture the victims of the Olympians gets. Kratos is no saint, but there are even levels that he will never stoop to — well, not willingly any more. Despite almost being killed by Hephaestus, he understands why he did it; to save his child. A child is the one thing that Kratos is never seen killing — except tragically for his own daughter — in any of the games.

- Kratos also has a strong sense of brotherhood due to the fact that he lost his brother Deimos at a young age as well as Sparta instilling this in all spartans. After discovering that Zeus is his father, he tries and fails to reason with his half brother Hercules. In Ascension, he was most likely disgusted as well as further infuriated by Pollux's cowardice when he tried to pin the blame on his brother Castor while crawling away but his head was crushed by Kratos afterwards.

- Kratos also loved his mother Callisto, and was enraged and guilt-ridden when she turned into a monster and he had to kill her.

- Kratos seems to have a respect towards famed heroes. In God of War 2 & 3 he spoke civilly to both Theseus and Hercules and offered to spare them if they stood aside or joined him. Theseus blinded himself with his ego and Hercules was driven by his of envy Kratos and loyalty to Zeus.

Yes Kratos can be a bastard since like Ares he was willing to do virtually anything for what he wants no matter how cruel his action or whom he has to hurt. In GOWII it is stated he has become worse than Ares ever was, even though he had his reasons as shown in Ghost of Sparta. By GOWIII even his concern for Sparta is thrown out the window as he does not spare it a thought despite knowing that killing gods is destroying the world. However his moments of sympathy throughout the entire series, so Pandora’s impact wasn’t that far fetched. Hell in In Chains of Olympus, he was forced to undo his redemption by embracing his monstrous self again when Persephone reveals her scheme to undo reality. The consequence is that he will never see Calliope again.

firelogic275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Yeah, he's not just an angry kill everything monster. He spends most of 3 protecting Pandora. He sees the death and destruction he caused and that it was all for naught. He forgives himself for killing his wife and daughter. He sacrifices himself to give hope back to the people. He's not just one-note. He did what any husband/father would have done under the same circumstances. And that was just in 3. There are a lot of character moments in the other games as noted above.

275d ago
UCForce276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

I disagree with this article. Kratos have been a slay of Olympus god. Now he is done with them. Kratos have a strong sense of brotherhood and family. Now he has a son and he will do anything to protect Atreus.

morganfell275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Kratos could not be the man he is without being the man he was. This is an article in search of clicks, nothing more. Another writer that lacks life experiences. Someone else that does not comprehend it takes time and pain to build character. Pressure makes diamonds. The hardest steel must go through the hottest fire. All of those axioms must be lived, not just thrown up on pinterest.

UCForce275d ago

I bet he didn’t play Ghost of Sparta.

morganfell275d ago

Absolutely agree. Major elements of Kratos in this latest game are evident in GoS.

CaptainOmega275d ago

Agree but i also disagree... I thought half of the game was amazing... It's when you meet Pandora does the game become a "KRATOS, I'm in trouble KRATOS, come help me KRATOS fest.

I completely understand the idea of pulling Kratos out from the darkness and his vengeance... but i thought it was annoyingly executed.

gigoran274d ago

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