Xbox One Insiders get 120 Hz support, folders, clip trimming, and more in May

Brad Rossetti, the Xbox Insider Team Lead, shared what's going to hit the console in May 2018 for Xbox One Insiders. Coming is 120 Hz support, Groups for My games and apps, and trimming clips without Upload Studio, improved family settings.

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TheCommentator839d ago

120Hz refresh rate? Could an AR/VR announcement be inbound for E3?

Iceball2000839d ago

Dose this work on the OG Xbox one?

Minute Man 721839d ago

It should, they never specified

TheUndertaker85839d ago

“120 Hz Support
This month, Microsoft added 1440p resolution support, variable refresh rate, and auto low-latency mode to Xbox One. Next month, the team is adding support for a new refresh rate. Gamers with gaming monitors or televisions that support a 120 Hz can now turn on 120 Hz for 1080p and 1440p outputs.”

So I’d say yes

chaos-emeralds838d ago

Great things are happening with xbox lately. I just purchased an xbox one x and I in awe of its power. I'm thinking e3 is going to be amazing for them this year.

AAWELLS09837d ago

Check out The Witcher 3 and Assassin's Creed Origins. I played Origins first on a base model and then a week later played on the X and it's pretty insane the difference it makes and can only really be understood once you've experienced in person(on a 4k HDR tv of course)

Minute Man 721837d ago

Yup. Picking up dat X ova da summer 😎 if da Pro gets a price drop I'll either srnd my launch ps4 to Jamaica or give it to my girls