10 Ways the Xbox One is Secretly Beating PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Everyone loves an underdog... right?

That doesn't seem to be the case with Microsoft in this console generation. After losing the initial launch battle to the much more popular PlayStation 4, the Xbox One has never been able to improve upon its infamously rocky launch.

Despite all of the admittedly big problems, the Xbox One is actually pulling ahead of it's competition in many subtle ways. If Microsoft can keep adding these sorts of things in the future, they can slowly win back the love of their fans, and hopefully pull in more people.

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submarinna182d ago

secondly, screw

getbacktogaming182d ago

Well it makes for a funny article no? I mean it's a pretty well kept secret :P

-Foxtrot181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I live in the city as their main head office, wrote an article over a week about something interesting and compelling and couldn't even get them to let me become a contributor so I could make a tiny amount of money of page views all over a small grammar mistake I accidentally looked over. YET...crap like this is being written.


neutralgamer1992182d ago

it's such a top secret even gamers,ms,soy or nintendo don't even know xbox is beating everyone by offering old games via BC because who needs new games when you can keep playing old games on your brand new $499 x

ImportGamer3004182d ago

yeah on your crappy checkerboard Xbox One X. No thanks if i want to use my PS2 slim & PS3 slim i'll plug them in and use them as they both work. That's why i keep my consoles in case the newer systems don't support backwards compatibility, duh! You sure are a moron to have spent $500 on an Xbox One X when the system barely has any new games and plus in case your forget there are titles you won't be able to play on there because some companies have bit the dust as in that's why not all original Xbox & Xbox 360 games are gonna be backwards compatible for the system.

But hey if you enjoy spending $500 for an powerful system that doesn't have much usefulness then keep deluding yourself. Besides PS4 has an amazing library of games, and also i'd rather play PS2 most of the time over the OG Xbox because it has the games i like to play.

getbacktogaming181d ago

The thought of Xbox beating Sony is ludicrous... But why does everyone take a jab at backwards compatibility? The Xbox is loosing this gen big time but it does have a few cool features!

dedicatedtogamers182d ago

Pretty much. Microsoft must be hiring a fresh batch of astroturfers because if you believed all the articles coming out, you'd be liable to think playing a narrow selection of Xbox and 360 games was just as good -- nay! Superior! -- compared to playing actual games on the PS4 or Switch.

The disparity in library size between X1 and PS4 is huge. But hey, if all you do is play CoD and Assassin's Creed and you'd rather have a bit higher resolution, by all means get a X1.

I just.... don't understand why some gamers would rather make excuses instead of demanding video games for their videogame system. I'm not saying you have to "jump the fence" over to Sony or Nintendo, but really.... what's the value in giving Xbox a pass when they are performing so terribly?

ApexWolf22182d ago

You do have to keep in mind that most of that disparity comes from the vast library of japanese games that really aren't for everyone if truth be told. That's the demographic I feel is best suited for X1X.

dedicatedtogamers182d ago


No game is "for everyone", but plenty of Japanese games sell quite well.

However, a large chunk of PS4's library comes from smaller indie devs, not just "Japanese games". These game devs just aren't bothering with an X1 version at all. Even if you don't enjoy "Japanese games" (which is about as unusual and broad as saying "I don't enjoy European games") then you'd still find a list of Western games available on PS4 that cannot be played on X1.

I guess I don't fathom the excuse of "the PS4 library is only big because of Japanese games". Uhhh, okay? It's a Japanese console.

ApexWolf22181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

@Dedicated , Exactly my point, being a Japanese console, it has a crapload of niche games getting localized all the time. If your not into those type of games then an X1 will suit you just fine. It was the same deal on Ps3,2 & especially PS1 when it came to RPG's (I miss SquareSoft/Enix). The same way alot of western games constantly do poorly in Asia. Different strokes for different folks. God forbid I say anything defamatory about Sony lol. FWIW, I own all 3 so it definitely isn't bias...

dedicatedtogamers181d ago

@Apex PS4 still has more "Western" games compared to X1, too.

Saying "if you are not into those type of games (Japanese, which encompasses numerous genres) then an X1 will suit you just fine".

Incorrect. Even if you omit Japanese games the PS4 comes out ahead by a huge margin. The notion that PS4 only has more games "because of all those Japanese games" is false. This myth needs to die.

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T2X183d ago

Secretly winning? No.

PhoenixUp183d ago

Does Microsoft know they’re secretly beating the competition?

ILostMyMind182d ago

According to Phil Spencer yes, Microsoft is killing the competition. 😓

neutralgamer1992182d ago

it's a secret even ms doesn't even know

uth11182d ago

of course they do! thats why they even keep their sales figures a secret!

ImportGamer3004182d ago

yeah cause both Sony & Nintendo are beating them globally saleswise. Xbox mainly sells well in the states, and on a global scale Xbox as a whole is a joke.

ImportGamer3004182d ago

No, they're delusional as hell. Phil Spencer has ruined the Xbox brand as a whole.

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183d ago
zsquaresoff183d ago

They're not beating them where it matters tho... sales.

johndoe11211182d ago

WOW AMAZING!!! Could you hook me up with that? I never played that before. How are the graphics and gameplay on that money. Are they planning on releasing any dlc for that money. How many hours did it take you to complete the campaign on that money. You must really be pleased with all that microsoft money you're palying with. I gotta remember to out tomorrow and buy an xbox one x for $500 so that I can play with microsoft's money......................... make my brain hurt.

nitus10182d ago

Microsoft as a business generates more revenue than Sony but not when you compare their gaming divisions and it is in that area Sony dominates.

trooper_181d ago

Can you play money on your console?

ocelot07181d ago

Ohhhhhh that's all that matters as long as Microsoft are making more money than the competition. That's all what Xbox gamers want more money for Microsoft's not these exclusive games Sony and Nintendo keep making ohhhh no.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod181d ago

Why does that matter unless you are a Shareholder? LMAO stop sucking large corps D they are not your friend. Playstation is making more money then Xbox by dfar, MS <> Xbox.

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