Cursed Mountain - New Details

ds-x2: "We bring you details on the upcoming Survival Horror title Cursed Mountain for the Nintendo Wii that guarantees to give you a fright."

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GFahim3707d ago

how comes nobody is interested in this potentially good game?!

Captain_Sony3706d ago

Lots of Wii owners are but what you have to understand is, anytihng positive about the Wii is looked over by the majority of people here. HAd it been something trashing the Wii or saying this game is complete crap it would be flooded right now with Wii haters all saying how every game is crap and why would anyone want a Wii. Give it time though, there are a few actual gamers here who will comment but its still early.

Product3706d ago

Honestly i havent commented because this game doesnt have that many details yet.They are being very secretive about this game so far.

jorgeanaya0003706d ago

I agree with Product. I haven't commented because there has not been many details and I have an itch for some survivor-horror games. Hopefully this, The Calling and Fatal Frame IV can do the trick.

Zerodin3706d ago

Wii + Horror games = love.

TheFreak3706d ago

hmm sounds interesting but have been disapointed many times before when it comes to wii games

DarkBlood3706d ago

oooh suvivor horror and base on what i read i will get this anyways any suvivor horror games are welcome and you can thank capcom for introducing me to survivor horror games enough for me to get interested in other horror suvivor games