The VCS Is Retro Inspired, Not A Retro Box; Atari Talking To Devs About Reimagining Its 200+ IPs

Atari COO Michael Arzt clarified that the upcoming VCS console is retro-inspired rather than an actual retro box. He also revealed that Atari is talking to all kinds of developers interested in reimagining the treasure trove of 200+ intellectual properties.

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Cybermario182d ago

until i see working hardware and proper software for it, is all snake oil and fairy dust to me.

MaxRD181d ago

not sure why people do not see this for what it is, a low powered and over priced linux box with an woodgrain Atari skin and that would be the BEST case scenario.   The power of nostaglia Goggles I tell you

Cobra951181d ago

Basically, though the price/performance points still need to get nailed down. It's a system with LInux OS and some Atari software bundled in. It's skinned to look like an old Atari console, and will come with controllers to match. I'd bet all the money in my pocket that it will also accept standard PC keyboards and mice, and will be perfectly usable as an open system

I don't think it will sell well at all, but I've been surprised before.

letsa_go181d ago

Why do they keep hyping Tempest like people actually care about that game? It would be a budget indie title today, and it didn't help the jaguar get anywhere. If that is truly the best game out of all their IPs, this thing is dead in the water. Is anyone really excited for pong, missle command, centipede, & Q*bert?? All the good "Atari" games are owned by Warner Bros now anyway. (Gauntlet, Hard Drivin, Marble Madness, Toobin, Road Blasters, STUN Runner, etc)

Athos181d ago

Love Tempest and Tempest 2000. Best arcade game ever IMO. I don't care if its a budget indy title, I would like to have it on a console. I still play my PS1 version from time to time. I also had a Jaguar, had a few okay games (again my opinion), but I loved Tempest on it.

letsa_go181d ago

Would you buy a brand new console just for a new version of tempest though?

Retroman180d ago

Sooooooooo, thats the reason Gaunlet not being developed WB own figures.

XxExacutionerxX180d ago

Everyone is jumping the gun on this console, if they do this console right and they have a great line up of games, there might be an huge audience of people that will buy this console including myself. Smaller developers might love to make games on this if the cost of putting games on the Atari is cheaper than on PS4/ Xbox/ or Switch. I don’t see this coming anywhere near PS4 or Switch lol (Maybe the Xbox) in terms of sales. I’m happy to see Atari make another console even if it turns out to be a failure. Some people thought Nintendo was out after the train wreck Wii U. Look at the Switch now.