Sony Dropping Prices on Plethora of PS4 Exclusives

While all of the gaming world’s attention might currently be on Kratos’ latest epic adventure, Sony has begin dropping the price on a magnitude of PS4 exclusives/ PSVR titles.

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PhoenixUp1988d ago

Seeing Sony doing this has me further question why Nintendo still feels the need to sell a lot of their old games at full price.

Neonridr1988d ago

yep, here's hoping they take a hint. On one hand I get why Nintendo is doing it, since you are more than likely going to purchase their titles, so at full price they make more. But on the other, it's nice to see Sony do this to reward their gamers. There are so many games releasing now I have to sort of pick and choose my battles. And knowing that if I am going to pick up a Sony game a little down the road at a discount is a little comforting. With Nintendo, it doesn't matter if I buy it a year later, it's still more than likely going to be full price.

MasterCornholio1988d ago

I would love to see Nintendo Selects again. However to be fair the Switch is quite new so it might be a while before that happens.

Deep-throat1988d ago

They aren't rewarding anyone. Publishers drop prices all the time, because they know that many tight gamers are waiting for the right time.

Abnor_Mal1988d ago

@Deep-throat, would you not say publishers (Sony in this instance) are rewarding those same "tight gamers" because they indeed did wait, therefore rewarded?

Aura75411988d ago

Part of the problem with the Switch is that the cartridges are more expensive than Bluray discs, which make price cuts a bit more difficult to swallow for Nintendo. You really have to keep an eye out for retailer promotions if you want to get Nintendo's games at a decent discount.

Razzer1988d ago

Deep-throat thinks Sony is robbing the poor and sick with every game they make.

G20WLY1988d ago

^Aura7541, if that was the real reason, the digital prices wouldn't be so high would they?

The 'cartridges' thing, while grounded in truth, is largely an excuse to keep the prices higher.

Nintendo know people buy their consoles to play the high quality Nintendo games, not the filler. As people still pick up a Switch on a regular basis, they'll need their Mario and Zelda and they're prepared to pay for it, so why would Nintendo lower the price of their games?

Realms1987d ago

@ Deep-troat

Gaming is a luxury no one forces anyone to buy games, Nintendo does have a bad habit of over pricing their games and peripherals. Sony isn't forcing anyone to buy games at full price during launch either gamers do it because they are excited to play new games. I have bought most of Sony's first party games at launch as a way of supporting the company that invest in the type games I like. I have friends that just buy games even tho they rarely play them they just like to know they can play the lates games out.

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DivineAssault 1988d ago

What about the selects? They drop the price a few months before the console itself dies lol

ZaWarudo1988d ago

Nintendo's been doing this for years. It would be nice if Mario Kart 8 deluxe wasn't frigging $60

Relientk771988d ago

Yeah, Nintendo needs to take notes

badz1491988d ago

Plethora? that means a lot.

thanks Sony

KilluaX31988d ago

People buy Nintendo games at those prices so they don't need to drop them, perhaps?

CaptainObvious8781988d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees.

If ninty fans are going to enable ninty to keep prices high, why should they change?

deafdani1988d ago

Because Nintendo games usually keep selling like mad for years and years even at full price. Many of Nintendo's own games remain on the best selling lists for years after release. If people keep buying the games at full price, they won't needlessly cut the price because, duh, they want more money.

Once a few years have passed and their most important games start dwindling down in sales, Nintendo usually release those under a umbrella for cheaper prices (Player's Choice games on the Gamecube, and Nintendo Selects on Wii and Wii U). They probably will also introduce a line of Select games for Switch in a few years, probably under a new name.

InTheZoneAC1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

they think they're the ferrari of video games. They think it keeps the value of their name by keeping everything priced high. They have proven they would rather sell less of anything at a high price than sell more at a lower price. For example, dwindling Wii U Sales but price remained at $300, and nes/snes classic limited production when they could've sold so much more had they been available.

MADGameR1988d ago

Because Nintendrones are idiots like X Box fanboys, they eat it all up and never question the company nor demand.

XxExacutionerxX1988d ago

Because MARIO an Zelda holds more value and still is the top selling games on that console than any first party game on Sonys console.

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AizenSosuke1988d ago

Sony wants money, well go ahead.

Rimeskeem1988d ago

Who doesnt want money? besides communists.

Sam Fisher1988d ago

Youve never been to a communist country, more money hungry than anyone out there

Rimeskeem1988d ago


They are power hungry. At least those in power. The others want money because communism is about power and not money.

CaptainObvious8781988d ago


Actually they're just hungry because communism has ruined their economy and they have to resort to stoning a poor cow to death.

CobraKai1987d ago

Well thank you Captain Obvious!

I don’t think there’s a way for that to NOT sound sarcastic.

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Jimboms1988d ago

Oh man I love all of the PS exclusives, they're so fun! Anyone who hasn't played games like Horizon: Zero Dawn should get on it!

paintedgamer19841987d ago

It really is amazing. I just started playing and got to the dessert area.

italiangamer1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Excellent move so they can capitalize on the new user base brought by God of War. They even brought back the PS Plus promotion that let you get 15 months for the price of 12.