God of War - A Message from the Dev Team | PS4

God of War has officially launched all around the world, and the team at Sony Santa Monica wants to thank you, the fans, for following Kratos' journey.

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ArchangelMike233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

GAME let me down yet again. I called them up asking where my pre-order was, and why it hadn't been delivered today? Their answer? They can't track the package, and I have to wait for 10 days! 10 days!!! Before I can get a refund or cancel the order.

Cue Spartan Rage: "AaAAAaaarRRrrRrrrrrrgghg ghh!!!!"

darthv72233d ago

Damn, that sucks. Hope they find it soon.

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Anthotis232d ago (Edited 232d ago )

Last time i pre-ordered from them was for a copy of Far Cry 3 which arrived 3 days after launch. Obviously, i never ordered from them again.

bigmalky232d ago

Jesus... Game have been awful for nigh on a decade plus now.

Use Shopto and you'll likely get it a day early and cheaper than that rip-off outfit. They also give pre-order bonuses, so you don't miss out.

Had GoW and Monster Hunter World come a day before release.

ArchangelMike231d ago

I hear you man. Unfortunately God of War Limited Edition is exclusive to GAME. It's appalling that they secure exclusive editions but then don't ship them out in time for release. All the instore allocations are sold out as well, so I'm stuck. :(

bigmalky231d ago


I know some people love limited editions, but the only way you are going to be able to get them elsewhere is not to buy them from Game.

They'll lose the exclusivity eventually and somewhere more reputable with better prices will get them.

I'm not a tat collector, so my opinion is biased when I say that sometimes, it's really not worth the money or stress to support bad business practices.

Have a bit of restraint on collectors editions, and it might change something for the future. It's the only advice I can give.

ArchangelMike231d ago

Yeah I'm a sucker for Limited Editions, not as much for the tat, but for the Dynamic Theme. I've used Shopto before actually, they were really good. I think I've learned my lesson now, at the very least I'll chose the 'click and collect' option.

GamesMaster1982231d ago

Tell me about it GAME must have a bunch of incapable chimps working for them. Last game i bought was Wolfenstein The New Colossus with free steelbook. I received the free empty steelbook but no game. They are a complete joke and i will never use there online shop again.

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Rimeskeem233d ago


masterfox233d ago

Thank you Cory! and all your developing team for giving us this Masterpiece, and finally Sony for letting developers to thrive in their creative process with the PS4.

-Foxtrot233d ago


neutralgamer1992232d ago

he is rumored to be wanting to work on a new IP

he left sony tried many publishers came back home and now i don't see him leaving again so whatever he works on will be under sony

Legatus232d ago

1000% agree, if anyone at the Sony first party studios deserve to make a new IP, it's Cory. Make it happen Sony !!

chaosblades232d ago

I have a very good feeling, if SMS ever changes leadership, he will be rewarded with the top position, or... at the very least, he will be given much, much more flexibility for what SMS can produce in the future.

Elda232d ago

Cory thank you for this masterpiece! I'm about 4 hours into the game & it's amazing so far! Just breathtaking!!!

robtion232d ago

That tattoo guy right? Great start.

The good news. I'm a lot further in and the game just continues to go from strength to strength continually getting better and better. It's kind of overwhelming.

I now see where all these 10/10 reviews are coming from.

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