Media Create Expects Long-Lasting Monster Hunter World Sales in Japan due to New Content & PS4 Sales

Monster Hunter World is the first PS4 game to sell two million copies at retail in Japan, and Media Create expects it to have a long tail.

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Neonridr206d ago

really? It has dropped off considerably in the charts. Splatoon 2 has sold comparatively the same physical, and it is outselling it by x10 the amount.

Abriael206d ago

In what version of sci-fi math 10x3,640=18,729?

Incidentally, According to Famitsu's numbers, MHW has been outselling Splatoon 2 digitally by a similar margin.

But more importantly, how does another game having a longer tail negate Monster Hunter World having a long tail?

Neonridr205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

ok sorry for saying x10.. in the latest week it's only x6, my bad. Previous weeks have been higher.

What I am saying is the game is scraping by at 3K per week. Some DLC or a new quest isn't going to suddenly have new people buying the game. It just means more longevity for the people who have already purchased it.

You can't tell me that suddenly because there is a new monster to hunt that people who weren't interested in the game before are going to rush out and buy it. That's some pretty strange logic.

S2Killinit205d ago

Having constant new content can prolong sales once people catch on.

Abriael205d ago

That's not "strange logic" that's how it works. The more new content a game gets, the more it stays in the media and social media, the more people that may not have had time, money, or interest to get it at launch, can be convinced to. Combined with people continuing to buy the console, given that the game has reached staple status, means that people will continue to buy the game over a long period.

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Matrix6205d ago

@Neonridr As Strange logic as it might sound, but if you added 'Godzilla' in the game, Japanese gamers would go nuts over it and bring in more nutty nuts sales! Can you imagine other prominent icons/characters?!

Knushwood Butt205d ago

It looks like PS4 Pro has had a new shipment, so MHW sales may increase.

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corroios205d ago

Capcom was really smart going ps4. They are making so much money

kevnb205d ago

I think something with similar investment would have worked great on switch, but I’m very happy playing monster hunter on my ps4 pro and pc in the future.