Lootboxes Done Bad Are A Disaster, A PR Disaster And A Gameplay Disaster – Rebellion CEO

"Loot boxes have rapidly become the corn syrup of gaming, where the bad PR associated with them has become so toxic that most consumers are now staying away from anything that has them, causing most publishers and developers to eschew them too."

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Hardiman232d ago

Only kind of "loot" boxes I like are like the ones in GOW and there are many but they don't cost a dime!

Rachel_Alucard232d ago

Even if lootboxes get removed from gaming, Micro-transactions are still here and we're back at the game being cut up and sold at $60 with the rest being small payments that equate to more then $100 to get the full complete game. I wish Mircosoft never went around pitching it's microtransaction idea all those years ago or we wouldn't be here right now, fighting over who gets to rip you off harder.

Spartacus10232d ago

Its a disaster whichever way you look at it.

Anything obtainable from a loot box should be obtainable directly by performing a task or completing an objective. There are only two reasons to add the gambling factor:

1) Make money by selling what are effectively lottery tickets.
2) Get away from a system that only gives the best performing players the best rewards because otherwise every person that isn't good enough to earn the reward will throw a tantrum and wont buy the next one since there are a thousand other games that reward noobs handsomely.

“I think the idea of giving players more cool stuff to consume in a game is good,”
Yeah it is if they earned it. If every player went through the same grind to get the loot box and the reward didn't reflect the skill demonstrated during the process of acquiring the loot box, its f***ing stupid and pointless isn't it?

How hard is it to tell gamers that 'if you do this this and this, your reward will be this'.

Instead they are saying 'if you do this this and this, your reward could be one of a million things and even if you are the best player in the game, you might end up with the shittest reward, while the shittest player in the game has the chance to obtain the best possible item from the loot box.'

I really do hope it gets classified as gambling in every country in the world. At least it will make developers think about putting it in games that would not otherwise be age rated for adults.

yellowgerbil232d ago

Like getting the invisibity skill or infinite ammo depending on how you finished mgs. Now they charge you 10$ just to save your game