CONFIRMED: No Trophies for SOCOM at launch, to be patched later

PS3Fanboy writes:

"The trophies will become available via patch in the coming weeks," SCEA's Jennifer Clark told us when we inquired about the game's strange lack of Trophies. Yes, if you buy SOCOM Confrontation, you'll find that it's absent of the collectible Trophies everyone's been raving about. It's strange that Slant Six wasn't able to include Trophies into the final version of the game, but this may explain why we had so much trouble finding out the Trophy list so soon before the game's release.

We're hoping that the Trophies that are enabled will take advantage of a retroactive rewards system. Undoubtedly, hardcore SOCOM fans are ready to spend hours in the online world of Confrontation. Of course, let Burnout Paradise teach a lesson: perhaps it's best not to expect retroactive Trophies to um ... y'know, work.

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Harry Flopper3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )


shqype3750d ago

I know; I was under the impression that SOCOM would launch with trophies. At least it's good to know that they WILL be patched in, although it may be a few weeks before we see them.

Zerodin3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Meanwhile ALL 360 games get Achievements standard, from AAA releases right down to the smallest XBLA game! No patch necessary! You get your extended replay value right off the bat!

So you disagree that all 360 games comic with achievements? So then I take it at water is not wet?

ToastyMcNibbles3750d ago

zerodin i know there arent that many awesome articles on 360 lately and i understand but do us all a favor and just play halo or something

solidjun53750d ago

his 360 is in the shop. So he has to troll the news and sit on his fat ass salivating at any bad news relating to the PS3. He's retarded. Just ignore him and move on.

Zerodin3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Actually it's been working fine from Day 1.

RROD = I have nothing...I'm a pathetic droid who can only grasp at an extinct hardware fault.

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Skyyo3750d ago

how bout the game actually working first...

Then I can worry about meaningless extras

ToastyMcNibbles3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

agreed... im really upset about how this game has turned out...i know it will be patched but i basically paid for a half-assed game...what were these guys doing all this time???? there should've been a beta months ago if you ask me...i know socom is going to be great though once its all sorted out and i really look forward to that but as of now this is just a unacceptable...warhawk wasnt half as bad as this at least i was able to log in the damn game but anyhoo at least i got a bangin new headset

Omegasyde3750d ago


The whole community TOLD them to delay the game....

Nope, they don't and release what basically is the beta with 6 more maps.

If you bought this game without the headset, you are the biggest sucker ever. Those who bought the game with the headset got the game for what its worth, 10$.

I am $^%#$^$#^4 pist.

ToastyMcNibbles3750d ago

slant 6 should've listened...i wouldnt have minded a delay at all you know

Tacki3750d ago

Perhaps I'm just too tolerant of some problems or maybe some players had it worse in the beta than I did. There was certainly quite a few issues that needed/need to be ironed out... and maybe it would have been best to delay it a bit longer (after all October's a big month for PS3 anyway with LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, among others). However, I have to say I had a hell of alot of fun in the SOCOM beta regardless of any problems. It could have something to do with the fact that I've never played a SOCOM game so it was like a whole, fresh new experience. I just don't know.

I'm not trying to say anyone's wrong for complaining about these problems. I can understand it. Still, I have my copy coming in a few days and I'm quite excited for it. I'll agree that they should have delayed... but I remain optimistic that they'll get all the technical shortcomings sorted out sooner or later.

Omegasyde3750d ago

My judgement is off the current game not the beta. The beta did stink but it was a beta not a final product.

However the final product is missing trophy support, community features, server issues (people can't log on), and glitches galore.

The beta was suppose to be a remedy towards a majority of these issues, yet it wasn't and the game got rushed out the door despite all the feedback on comments asking for the game to be delayed.

I believe that shortcomings like lag, and connection issues can be fixed eventually and are expected, however not having such features as following a friend or joining their room won't be implemented for a while. Atleast the gameplay is there, but for a online only game to be lacking standard features + have promised stuff excluded is inexcusable. When people buy this game, with these defects, they are promoting developersto keep releasing [email protected] games. If EA games couldn't get away with it, either should Sony/Slant 6.

Tacki3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Oh, no need to explain, I can understand your stance completely. I suppose my comment was a bit of me just sort of thinking out loud. I wasn't so much looking for a response from anyone. Well, I suppose I am curious as to how many others share my own thoughts... but it was mostly me engaging in some dialogue with myself. I can and do respect your feelings on this matter, however.

I've noticed something though. Here at N4G members seem unable to type my name correctly. lol

That's just a playful jab... because I can't tell you how many times people have typed 'Taki' in response to one of my comments. It's as if I have the power to render 'c' keys ineffective. Don't worry though, it doesn't bother me. I see much humor in it. But I do always get the urge to post the following image.

NegativeCreepWA3750d ago

Finally some people that are not covering up how unfinished Socom is. This game should have never been released in its condition.

SullyDrake3750d ago

Dead Space, a 3rd party game from EA, has Trophies on disc day-one, and not even a 1st party title that's online-only does? Shame, Sony.

Tarasque3750d ago

Well i played a couple of hours yesterday and it played great nothing like the beta at all.

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Harry Flopper3750d ago

Can't wait for the trophies!!!

Omegasyde3750d ago

I am one of the biggest die hard socom fans and got everyone on the PS2. I even bought one for the PSP.I entered the Beta, and was not impressed. The gameplay was "THERE" but there was so many glitches, connection problems, patches that made game worse...

That I canceled my pre-order.

Now this unknown developer, Slant 6, finally releases the game with the a majority of the problems the beta has. They implemented 3 new features to the franchise yet took out so much more....

-No text Chat
-No group Mode
-NO FOLLOW PLAYER (seriosly how do you do forget this feature?)
-No Ghilie suit

All traded for a Knife button and a run button which are a direct rip-off's of CoD4. If they were going to steal any ideas from that game, why not a group mode?

HOLY COW how do you make a MULTIPLAYER ONLY GAME with no group mode or follow player feature? Seriously every Socom before this had a follow player... So if there wasn't in-game XMB you would never be able to find your friends without texting.

Sickening, I hope Slant 6 closes its doors after this game.

Haze nor Too Human were not the "Bombs" of 2008, Socom Confrontation is. Can't wait for the first Reviews, game will average around a 6.

ToastyMcNibbles3750d ago

i do hope that when the time comes for a full fledged socom game that the whole thing is done from scratch...confrontation is fun and i know it will get a whole lot better through time but you would think that if you're doing a "multiplayer only" game you would include everything you need for an awesome online experience right? well not in this case...this is an extended beta wrapped in plastic

Omegasyde3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

That full fledged Socom probally won't come now that Zipper is working on MAG. MAG, which some say is the true Socom 4, is suppose to be online only. MAG doesn't look like the succesor to Socom from the E3 movie. Also after Socom 3, Zipper laid off alot of employee's to restructure and I don't know if they can handle two projects at the same time

Zipper might of had crappy support for thier products after launch, but atleast they got the game to work with the appropiate features from day 1. Slant 6, provides customer, I mean community support because they have to.

Personally, I PRAY and hope that Incognito, Insomniac, Naughty Dog or even Guerrilla Games does the next Socom. Slant 6 should stick to the PSP because they can't handle PS3 development.

+Bubbles for the extended Beta in Plastic :) Atleast you got the quality blue tooth.

Edit: Toast the issues will be resolved, but like the beta, slant 6 will fix 1 thing and then screw 3 things up. I still find it funny how the game was packaged with trophy support and it didn't deliver at launch. That really makes Sony look bad, and SCEA got pist at Epic for not supporting features at launch when UT3 (PS3) came out in December 2007.

The back of the game case, stated that mods would be supported on the back of the game case. It eventually did however people already filed complaints on the better business bureau against Sony and Epic games under advertising issues. Same could happen again with Socom.

ToastyMcNibbles3750d ago

bubbles for you too my dude...hopefully the issues get sorted out soon until then at least we'll have the resistance 2 beta to enjoy :)

pwnsause3750d ago

just remember, its not made by zipper. I played the game in the beta and was very dissapointed. hopefully they sort it out.

sonarus3750d ago

I thought the beta was pretty decent but it was too laggy and fukd up to really make a correct opinion.

Anyway i picked up dead space and socom today mostly for headset so at least i have dead space to play till they sort themselves out

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Omegasyde3750d ago

My favorite franchise down the drain.

Do not buy this game until they patch this to show the developers to not put a game only half done.

Zerodin3750d ago

It's mama is SO greasy, that it's very high in transfat!

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