The Dog of War Reigns Supreme in God of War Ad

PlayStation Europe has knocked it out of the ‘bark’ with this God of War ad.

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morganfell180d ago

Ha ha ha Sony nails it. Still laughing like hell...especially the last 5 seconds.

UCForce180d ago

Yeah, it was pretty funny.

darthv72180d ago

That is cute. Maybe they will make the dog a dlc character? Would be fun if it was a little mini game or something.

1Victor180d ago

I’m on my way to game stop to get dog of war 🏃‍♀️ 🏃🏽 🏃🏽

Pancit_Canton180d ago

I want a Spiderpig for Spiderman commercial. lol

Fist4achin180d ago

That's been done. Years ago there was a spoof with Peter Porker. No joke

PoopsMcGee179d ago


Flashback. I need to dig those old comics up.

Abnor_Mal180d ago

What a funny commercial that was, hopefully they run it on television also, and not just on the internet and youtube.

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The story is too old to be commented.