Collector's Shelf: God of War Limited Edition

A detailed look at the God of War Limited Edition (PAL version). Attention: some of the artworks in this article may be considered spoilers!

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Einhander1971213d ago

Yes got this beauty in the post yesterday :)

Nyxus213d ago

Nice! I wonder how the game will do, I already saw several people on my friends list playing it.

VenomUK213d ago

That book looks informative.

Nyxus213d ago

@ VenomUK: Yeah, though I'm always a bit worried about spoilers with these art books. But this one isn't too spoilerific I think.

Thunder_G0d_Bane213d ago

Yeah got mine yesterday too. Second boss of the game shocked me such an amazing return of kratos.

Don’t like the son tho still could have done without him.

And next month brings state of decay 2 I’m just having so much fun :)

Bhai213d ago

Oh is it Thor I'm seeing standing behind Baldr??? :O

SickSinceSix213d ago

I'm going to avoid the art book till I've beat the game. The dynamic theme it came with is pretty sweet.