PlatinumGames trying to talk with Nintendo about bringing The Wonderful 101 to Switch

PlatinumGames created the Wii U-exclusive game The Wonderful 101 for Nintendo back in 2013. Unfortunately, it was a bit underappreciated, and didn’t sell a whole lot in the end. Some have been hoping that The Wonderful 101 will find new life on Switch through a potential port.

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darthv72273d ago

W101 should be ported to the switch and then it sets up for W102.

dedicatedtogamers273d ago

This would be a dream come true. W101 is my favorite Wii-U game and I'd buy a port in a heartbeat.

michellelynn0976273d ago

Yes Nintendo! Let's get this done. I loved the W101.

Blu3_Berry273d ago

I persoanlly couldnt get into it. Its unfortuante because Platinum Games is one of my favorite developers but W101 was one of the very few games i did not like from them, mainly due to the controls and how chaotic it got on screen. I couldnt keep up with what was going on due to be too flashy.

It had everything else going for it with the style, sound and fast paced combat. But again, the controls and the flashiness got in the way.

Maybe a sequel will fix some of the issues I had with it.

dedicatedtogamers273d ago

Out of curiosity, were you trying to draw using the stylus? When I learned to do all the draw moves with the analog stick, my attitude toward the game completely changed. I think of it like chaining special moves from a fighting game together (in a sense).

That said, it was a very dense game and was poorly explained. I think a person has to play through it all the way before they really "get" the same, and sadly that's an unfair expectation to hold most gamers up to.

Blu3_Berry273d ago

I tried both drawing and using thr analog stick, and both gave me trouble. It just felt very inpercise. Would have been better to just have an assign button to whatever you wanted to turn into instead of the forced gimicky controls.

Concertoine273d ago

Imo, better than Bayonetta 2. The final boss actually holds up against Bayonetta 1's.

deafdani273d ago

"Holds up"? The final boss in W101 craps on all the bosses on Bayo 1 and 2 together, lol. It's that ridiculously amazing.

W101 is not only my favorite Platinum Games game, it's my favorite single player game ever. I honestly never had so much fun with a single player game like I did with this one.

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The story is too old to be commented.