Rainbow Skies Dev Expecting “Nothing Revolutionary” From PS5 And Next Xbox

SideQuest Studios CEO says we're still a ways off from constant 60 FPS.

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Eonjay180d ago

PC games hit 60 FPS all the time because they have stronger CPUs. Therefore, a simple boot to the processor would probably do the trick. Looking at average frame rate tests of Ryzen CPUs I say we are fine.

OmnislashVer36179d ago

I think we'll hit 1800p60 in many games, but 4K60 for the majority might be the next console.

Destiny1080179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

if were talking 12tf consoles these consoles will be beasts

they will use checkerboarding to get it to 4k 60fps

its impossible to tell if a game is using checkerboarding unless its in slow motion and a 1000% zoom in

sure there are times when strange things can happen to certain objects because of checkerboarding but next gen consoles may be able to produce true 4k objects along side checkerboarding objects the best of both worlds, if not they will scale it on a certain axis like what titan fall two did

if developers want 60fps they should have no problem with next gen consoles

if all that fails, freesync it

Internetratnik179d ago

Consoles have a fixed hardware.
Some developers are just going to choose 30fps(which is a good way to play most games, despite what some nerds say) and push visuals as far as they can.
How hard can it be to understand for some people jesus christ

blackblades180d ago

Been waiting for rainbow skies since ps3 feels like it'll be out on ps5 then ps4.

Mista2018178d ago

Rainbow Moon was trash. I played dozens of hours, then realized that the game is just repetitive. Way better Srpg games on ps3 & ps4 like Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, Xcom, Banner Saga, etc blow Rainbow Moon out of the ballpark.

OffRoadKing179d ago

I dont expect anything revolutionary from SideQuest Studios.

Tsar4ever01179d ago

Hopefully the next-gen consoles as well as developers support PC-like GRAPHICS SCALIER options in their games like for example: and

We seen this on a small minority of games already this gen, but I'd like devs to take it even further to the point that we can even customize what resolution we can play our games on PS5 & XBOX 4, and not some fixed costumed fashion set by the devs but a much wider universal graphical options customization standard for ALL GAMES, digital or retail alike.

Jarrodlamp1980178d ago

Like i said time after time PS5 needs to come out 2022. To get better hardware.

JonTheGod178d ago

I'd prefer generations to extend longer and longer. The increase in graphical fidelity is reducing each generation. I'd be happy with one console every 10 years or so, preferably retaining backwards compatibility.

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