Here are God of War: Ascension and inFAMOUS 2 running on the PC thanks to RPCS3

DSOGaming writes: "John GodGames Emus has shared some videos, showing God of War: Ascension, inFAMOUS 2 and Warriors: Legends of Troy running on the best emulator for Playstation 3, RPCS3. Now before continuing, let me make this clear: these games are far from being playable, have graphical artifacts and lag like crazy."

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Neonridr777d ago

Hard to believe we still can't properly emulate the PS3.

Jaypi03777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

It's the architecture of the PS3, that makes it difficult to do so.

Wintersun616776d ago

Not really, when you think about CELL processor and it's many cores. I think that eventually a PS4 emulator will work better than a PS3 emu, because of the much simpler and "PC-like" architecture.

Neonridr776d ago

more than likely. the x86 architecture will definitely help.

Theo1130776d ago

It's getting there, I've been playing Ni No Kuni on my PC. It crashes once in a while but I can get it up to 4k. The problem with emulating PS3 games is that it's pretty much all CPU based since the GPU was pretty bad. So even if you have a 1080 gtx, which gives you the power to do 4k upscaling, you need a decent CPU to have games run well.

Of course this will get better the more they work on the emulator, making it more efficient. They just started making major headway in RDR.

Majin-vegeta777d ago

Another 5+ years and it should run above 20 fps😂

HunchbackPotato777d ago

depends on the pc running the emulator and the priority of the games that are emulated. Dante's inferno already runs at 60fps.

Deep-throat776d ago

They started working on RPCS3 actively since 2016, and the emulator can run Demon's Souls, Peronsa 5 and some other games.

quent776d ago

Sving up for the PC Pro to get that solid 30 fps experience

lociefer777d ago

Maan i forgot how badass ascension soundtrack was

LoveSpuds776d ago

As someone who loved the How series, I personally think Ascension was a really good game and very under appreciated. You are right though fella, that soundtrack is fantastic 😀

mkis007776d ago

Ruined only by the extra button req to parry...couldnt play it a second time it bugged me so much.

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PowerOfTheCloud777d ago

Hm i wonder how good the emulated gow 2018 will look like on pc in 2026^^

Christopher777d ago

Won't take that long. Only reason these take this long is because of the Cell Architecture. I'm guessing with the right amount of effort, it could take only 4 years to emulate GoW on PC because of the similarities of the x86 architecture.

MrVux000776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

I could see it running with the same graphical settings with more stable 60 fps and maybe 4K native.
That is if there even will be a need for a PS4 emulator (if the PS5 gets B/C).

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The story is too old to be commented.