Opinion - Microsoft should take responsibility for Pirates in Sea of Thieves

Nathanael Peacock writes, "Lately, Microsoft and Xbox have been pushing for cross-platform play between consoles and PC, but they seem to have ignored one big problem with melding these two disparate communities."


Admin note: this article is about hackers ruining the game, not content plans.

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trooper_184d ago

Is this a trick question?

They ran Rare to the ground and that's a company I grew up with.

chefricco184d ago

Do you really think it's the same company 30 years later....

UCForce184d ago

After 30 years, can they still deliver the same quality game ? The answer is No.

2pacalypsenow184d ago

Rare is just Rare in name, same with Bioware and Infinity ward.

mandingo183d ago

Microsoft ran it into the ground? Its a completely different company than it used to be.

MasterCornholio184d ago

As long as people keep playing the game I don't think they need to do that.

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The story is too old to be commented.