Warhorse Co-Founder Criticizes Media Over Kingdom Come: Deliverance Controversy

From GameWatcher: "Warhorse Studios' debut game, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was involved in controversy prior to release regarding the general lack of diversity in the game. Criticism was raised against the lack of diversity in the title. The developers defended their decision by citing historical accuracy, which was a major marketing angle of the game."

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Anthotis233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

If you play a game set in 15th century Bohemia and your concern is that nobody shoe horned non-whites into the game just to appease foul SJWs and their pathetic diversity quotas, then you're playing the game for the wrong reasons and i'd wonder whether you're even much of a gamer at all.

There really was no controversy. Just the usual SJW nonsense, and Warhorse were very well rewarded for standing their ground where other cowardly game devs would've given in.

quent233d ago

Fuckin exactly, and that also counts for mediums outside of gaming, I've never had a problem with diversity in anything but these sjw's are really pushing it, to a point where any diversity in entertainment will be seen as forced just for the sake of diversity by everyone who are not these sjw's and will push back more then ever before, if they keep making a big deal out of nothing then the opposing will do the same, one big non issue of complaints where everyone turns over sensitive to any subject matter involving race or sex

God the human race is a complicated species, so much arguing and fighting over nonsensical bullshit

sander9702233d ago

If historically accurate becomes offensive then we are basically living in a revisionist dystopia.

bluefox755233d ago

SJWs really are cancer. There is literally no pleasing them, here's an article where Vice complained about TOO MANY black people in Far Cry 5:

rdgneoz3233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

With Far Cry 5, the actual % of blacks in Montana is 6% (and a lot higher in game) and native Americans is 6.6% (though none really, if any, in game). One game goes for historical accuracy and gets complaints, while the other tries to appease the sjws. Either way, the game is still fun.

stokedAF233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I bought it day one just because of that honestly lol. I played one hour and decided to wait for the patches. I will probably dive into it after God of War. I’m sure they have patched it significantly by now.

TheOttomatic91233d ago


Love this studio and their willingness to not put up with PC Bullsh*t and SJW Nonsense.