God of War is one big escort mission

Ever since Sony first revealed the new God of War for PlayStation 4 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo trade show in 2016, director Cory Barlog has had to dismiss the notion that his game is an extended escort mission.


Admin note: highly suggested that you read beyond the title.

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Hardiman179d ago ShowReplies(2)
CP_Company179d ago

How it is escort mission if they got attacked by norse god and had to leave it. It is not like he had a choice.
Pathetic little beggard who whines for clicks and attention.

The_Jackel179d ago

maybe he is just shit at the game and just taking it out onnthe game and not himself 😂😂

DanteVFenris666179d ago

Or maybe you guys should show some intelligence and read more then the headline

meka2611179d ago

Nope it does turn into babysitting since there are enemies that will grab your son and you have a certain amount of time to save. In an early battle he got caught 3 times for me and there were only 3 enemies there.

fad632178d ago

I'm shit at the game, died more times than I can count and I'm only about 4 hours in! But... It's a fantastic game and I'm enjoying it immensely

Nitrowolf2179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I don't think theyre complaining about it though, sounds more that they like that it is an escort mission but the role is actually reversed (kratos is the secondary character).

From what i can read the author likes how this was done. Its not an escort mission in a sense that you, a player is getting someone to point a from b, its more as you the player is lead to believe that but in truth its you thats being escorted from a to b, despite being the mc.

Also that 1st part of ur comment isnt entirely true. It was always Kratos intention to deliver on his wifes last request. Sure the games plot will reveal it goes deeper than that, but looking at it from the start its more so they were only forced to start their journey earlier

thejigisup179d ago

Right, TLoU is also an escort mission

rainslacker179d ago

Remember the day when we would call these games cover shooters? Although this isn't really a shooter. I don't see the difference between having a kid tag along that can help you out in some ways, compared to having a side kick who tags along and helps you in some ways.

SpinalRemains138178d ago

Jesus, man. Did you even read?

Jaypi03178d ago

You didn't read past the title, if anything is whining for attention it's you, insulting the man without reading the article. You just saw a headline, and them threw out a response to get upvotes, you didn't even have the gull to at least directly address the writer.

blackblades178d ago

Admin note: highly suggested that you read beyond the title.

Wtf, how about not having a title like that.

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Silly Mammo179d ago

Welp! Here comes the backlash..Gotta get some clicks!

Kostche179d ago

So how are you supposed to look after your son? like people in real life? putting them down in front of the TV, video games, or actually teach and lead them through life?

Kostche179d ago

ha ha :P only ones they can co-op with you though :D

Kornholic179d ago

Well so is The Last of Us and that turned out amazing. Judging by the reviews, God of War is a masterpiece.

DanteVFenris666179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

The author isn’t staying it isn’t amazing or bad

He’s just pointing out a fact that’s sort of click baity

Kornholic179d ago

That's why I didn't bother reading it.

SR388178d ago

TLOU was good and Ellie was annoying as hell lol ... I'm not a huge PS fan, kratos kid in this looks like a dick and it sorta ruins it, I will play it when my mate buys it

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