God Of War Is Set To Have The Biggest Debut For A PS4 Exclusive, Say NPD Analyst

God of War is all set to release today and while the game has received rave reviews so far, it is also the best rated PS4 exclusive of all time. All of this has resulted in a lot of hype being generated for the game making it one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusive.

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PhoenixUp179d ago

Even bigger than Uncharted 4? That’s amazing

lxeasy179d ago

Think about there area too more PS4 in people's homes now than when Uncharted released. It only makes sense
Plus God of War is a huge franchise that millions are familiar with. It's not like it's a new IP. Why are you shocked?

Neonridr179d ago

to be honest though, the highest selling God of War was 3 and it didn't even break 5 million. Uncharted is SIGNIFICANTLY more well received.

Vizigoth04179d ago

We're not shocked. We're proud.

bluefox755179d ago

I wouldn't say he sounded shocked, just impressed, because it's impressive.

BehindTheRows178d ago

@Neon: Actually, in 2012, Sony said God of War III had sold 5.2 million.

God of War (PS4) will EASILY sell more than that.

badz149178d ago

we had 3 major 3rd party retailers here where I live and all of them sold out all their copies yesterday. CRAZY!

P_Bomb178d ago

GOW3 already broke 5 million six years ago.

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PhoenixUp179d ago

Cuz Uncharted 2 & 3 sold more than God of War 3 & God of War: Ascension.

I know God of War is a big franchise, but it didn’t sell better than Uncharted in the past. So it will be surprising to see God of War 4 start out stronger than Uncharted 4.

DanteVFenris666179d ago

It’s analyst not fact. I’d be surprised if it can beat uncharted. I expect at the very least horizon numbers though

UltraNova179d ago

Put some numbers down(to lazy to look) if you remember that is.

How many copies sold 1st day, week and month for U4 and HZD?

JesusBuiltmyHotrod178d ago

LOL...this game is going to way bigger then horizon.

Ceaser9857361178d ago

I Just dont understand how Metacritic works.. It was 95 with Giant bomb 10/10 which was the 83rd critics and its still 95 scores with 96 critics and GOW has got many 10s and 9s post 83rd critics Weird.

rainslacker178d ago

They have weights within their aggregate which give more weight to certain sites if they're more "respected" or bigger sites. So, if a really big site gives it a 9 or lower, then it can actually pull down the overall mean average.

Granted, since all the big sites have been giving it 9's or above, it still doesn't seem to make sense. However, maybe Meta hasn't actually calculated some of those scores into the aggregate yet. You'll probably see a lot as pending, as they aren't immediately calculated into the total once posted by the site itself.

WelkinCole178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

I would argue that Uncharted matched or slight was ahead if GOW as a franchise last gen in terms of popularity. U2 propelled the Uncharted franchise as the top Sony franchise last gen imo. Uncharted 4 being the last Uncharted really pushed 4 to another level so yeah it would be amazing if it does surpass U4 in sales. Given however the reimagining that is fresh and the high scores and the fact the GOW is also as popular I would not be that surprised if it it does sell as much or sell more than U4.

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AspiringProGenji179d ago

But SP games don’t have the aame impact... how is this possible?

lxeasy179d ago ShowReplies(1)
rainslacker178d ago

Maybe rephrase that. Mediocre or overly hyped but not really high end SP games don't have the same impact.

Realistically though, a really successful MP game can actually make more money than a really successful SP games. However, that doesn't mean in any way that a successful SP game can't make a really nice return on investment.

More on the perception side, the SP games are the ones that usually define a brand. MS has halo and Gears which help define it, and they do that mostly through their MP portions(Halo more than Gears), but MS still built its brand on having SP experiences as well. When you cut that out, you're going to have fewer people be excited for the brand itself.

But I suppose there is more than one way to measure impact. MS just looks at the financial reports though.

chaosblades178d ago

There is a certain user on here that said GOW will not sell even 1% of the playerbase of the PS4. That the 94 metacritic is a lie and will not help the game at all (

I think it's safe to say, those "predictions" are wrong. Might also explain all the mysterious disagrees.
Wanting a game that (hard working) people poured their heart and soul into for 5+ years - they deserve acclimation, not snarky comments like above.

MasterCornholio179d ago

I wonder how many bundles they will sell. The results for April should be interesting to see.

UltraNova179d ago

Launch window numbers guaranteed.

G20WLY179d ago

And so it should, given how the entire planet thinks it's amazing!

badz149178d ago

I think so many people have been waiting for Kratos to slay down those pesky Norse gods LOL

Neonridr179d ago

I hope so, sales for the games in this series have been solid, but certainly not amazing. Horizon sold amazing for a new IP, so let's see how well this game sells as an established franchise. The amazing reviews will certainly help push this game sales wise.

UCForce179d ago

Now I know people don’t take metacritics user seriously, but look at God Of War on user score. It got a lot of praise. I can tell you that God Of War has surpassed people expectations.

Neonridr178d ago

I am not debating if it's a good game or not. But traditionally the games in this series haven't sold the best. My comment was more of hope, not putting down the game.

outsider1624178d ago

Look at the user reviewers giving it 0.. Lol...and the reasons for it....smh.

BehindTheRows178d ago

I’m curious, what is selling “the best”?

UCForce178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Do you expect it will sell less because it’s single player only ? Maybe, but it sell a a lot. Just enough. I don’t like people rely on too much money. There has to be risk and economic at the same time. Even you think reality is that Gaas is the future gaming, but the question is. Will it be perfect ? The true is that it will never be.

Neonridr178d ago

I don't think Gaas is the future of gaming, why would you say that?

Also I expect it will sell less because God of War isn't as appealing as Uncharted or The Last of Us. It will still sell well, no doubt. But these companies are still out to make a profit, they aren't just appealing to our hearts here :P

UCForce178d ago

@Neonridr I’m sorry, but what was that ? You made a very hypocritical statement right there.

Ryuujinjakka178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Don't forget that unlike this new GOW, previous games had sex scene.

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