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God of War joins as the main star of Sony's arsenal of successful exclusive games and there is no doubt that every gamer with a PlayStation 4 system must play it.

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Hardiman274d ago

Damn it boy, another 10! 9 o'clock needs to hurry up!

slappy508274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

Today something far greater than greatness arrives. What a journey it has been! from the reveal at e3 2016 with the epic choir music to this week when the reviews rolled out. This week almost felt longer than 2016 till now with fighting the temptation to read and watch reviews, merely reading the headlines, so as not to spoil a fresh experience! Now us mortals who have been waiting and hyping all this time will finally be rewarded for our patience. The journey of waiting may be nearing an end but the real journey only begins. Happy gaming